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5 Ways to Get Ready for Your First Semester at a New College

The decision to transfer to a new college doesn’t come easy. All the time spent applying to multiple schools and finally making the big decision only to find out it isn’t the right fit can be discouraging. With the semester in full swing, how does a person not become overwhelmed? Here are some steps to make sure you have a strong start this year. 

Goal Setting 

Think about the reason(s) for wanting to attend a different school. Consider what you wish went differently or what you hope to achieve this year and set goals. Examples include getting a job or internship, following a fitness program, attending a campus event, joining an organization or even improving your GPA.

Getting Organized 

Everyone is different when it comes to finding the right way to stay on track. Whether you choose to put everything on a phone calendar, a physical planner or on a white/chalkboard, having a place with all your upcoming events and assignments is a must. Be sure to include activities and appointments on your schedules to manage your time and not miss anything important.

Having a Routine 

Plan out your week and develop a good routine. If you decided to put break times between classes or were lucky enough to have a day off in the week, use this time to look over your goals. Studying, completing a workout or catching up with your reading are all ways to fill those downtimes. If you are in need of that extra boost of motivation, find a friend to complete these goals or reward yourself after. Incorporating activities into your schedule makes your routine enjoyable.

Do NOT Procrastinate 

As the semester goes by and the routine seems second nature, deadlines will fast approach. We are ALL guilty of procrastinating, it’s human nature. Get tasks done early to prevent inadequate work being submitted or not having enough time to study. Finishing the easy assignments at the beginning of the week might not seem like anything, but it does make a big difference in gaining more time when it’s needed.

Ask For Help If Needed

Within the first two weeks of classes, you should have a good idea of what the courses expect from you. If the subject scares you, find a professor, TA or another student right away. UCF has many tutoring services (Library, Princeton Review, Kaplan) that accommodate all classes with face-to-face or online assistance. If you feel like you are having trouble finding people with common interests and goals, don’t be afraid to go to Transfer & Transition Services. Everyone has your best interest in mind.

Starting over again may seem daunting, but you’re not alone. A solid foundation and determined mindset is the key to a successful new year. Set goals, experience new things, plan and follow a routine and make this year the best yet.

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Hyasha is a sophomore majoring in marketing at the University of Central Florida. She was born and raised in England which sparks her love for travel. She also has a love for sports, hoping to take her degree into sports marketing. When she is not doing homework you can find her by the pool, eating, or watching something comical.
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