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5 Ways To Avoid Senioritis

College life comes with a lot of connotations, all those tropes propagated by Van Wilder movies and older siblings. While not everything you see in the movies is even close to real, one phenomenon that most students have seen firsthand is the dreaded “senioritis.”

Back in high school it was the fear of every parent, guidance counselor and teacher, and four years later the illness has risen from its dormant state to plague the student body yet again.

Some common symptoms of senioritis include:

Last-minute cramming

Procrastination to an unreasonable point

Forgetting to do homework

Missed classes (And creating really bad, unbelievable excuses for having missed those classes)

If any of the above were due to watching Netflix

Avoiding family functions just so you won’t have to answer questions regarding what you’re doing after graduation


Here are five ways college seniors can manage stress, stay on task, and avoid senioritis:

Stay organized

Time management is a vital skill you’ll need in life, so start cultivating it now while still in college. Buy a planner, and take advantage of the downloadable applications on your laptop and mobile devices. Stay organized with calendars, planners and study tools.

Stay on task

Internships, co-ops, service learning projects and more help keep your skill set sharp and ready to take on the work force.

Get motivated

Make an appointment with UCF’s Career Services for resume critiques, practice interviews, workshops and to learn more about potential employers. If you haven’t looked into Career Services yet, do it! They’re a great resource for UCF students.


Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed with the amount of stuff you need done, and you end up putting it off. By prioritizing your to-do list, and checking the items off one-by-one, things seem more manageable. You’ll breathe a little easier.

 Find a balance

School, internships, work and job applications are important, but so is your physical, mental and emotional health. To avoid burning out after four years, make sure to nourish your body with plenty of water, rest and healthy foods. Take time out of the day to relax and do something you love, like read a book or do some yoga. 

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