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5 Ways to Amp Up Fall Style While Living in Florida

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

Living in the sunshine state has its pros and cons. Pros are being able to go to the beach 12 months of the year and having theme parks right in your backyard. And the cons are the consequences of hurricane season (as shown through Irma) and the lack of cool weather. While some of your friends in northern states are bringing out their sweaters and trench coats, we are basking in the sun with our shorts and t-shirts.

As a lover of all things fashion and beauty, I always find it hard to live in Florida during this time of year and feel the autumn vibes. Being born and raised in Central Florida, I have been able to learn a few tips and tricks on how to dress for the fall weather.

Number 1. Who said you just have to feel the fall vibes from your clothes? Wearing dark nail polish and/or makeup can help make your overall look more autumnal. With the makeup, smoking out eyeshadow, making eyeliner more intense, or playing around with dark lipstick colors can help you feel and look more in the autumn mood.

Number 2. Light layering. Even though the weather is still in the high 80s, you have to admit, it is not as bad as it was in the summer months. Therefore, you have a little freedom to do some light layering. And I mean light-we can’t overestimate the situation. The last thing you want is to sweat all your makeup off.

Wearing tank tops or thin t-shirts with light cardigans or bomber jackets allows you to have a light layer to keep warm in the intense air conditioning. Plus, bomber jackets don’t have that heavy material that other outerwear has- it is the perfect amount of layering.

Number 3. Wearing darker colors in general. Although the sun is beating down, you can still pull off a selection of fall colors. This year’s trend especially is blush nude and rosy pinks. Other options are-beige, off-white (this is a great way to transition your summer whites to fall whites), navy, khaki, and ‘camo’ green.

Number 4. Anything plaid or gingham. Wearing any plaid item from your wardrobe immediately makes people think of everything associated with fall. A lot of items you probably already have in your closet also come in plaid print like crop tops and t-shirt dresses. Plus, you can never go wrong with tying a plaid flannel around your waist. Gingham has been all the rage in the summer months, but wearing darker colored light-weight gingham can help amp up your fall vibes.

Number 5. Swapping your flip flops for flats. To help you feel more in the fall fashion flow, switching out your flip flops and sandals for flats or Birkenstock style shoes, can help you feel more autumnal. If you are not a fan of ballet flats, Vans and Converse are also a great way to go- they add this ‘je ne sais quoi’ to an outfit that not only makes you feel autumnal but keeps you comfortable as well.  

Nicole is currently a junior at UCF working towards a B.A. in Human Communication. Besides writing articles and managing the Her Campus social media, Nicole loves to practice violin, watch an unhealthy amount of La La Land or organize her Vogue magazine collection. One day she hopes to attend the Met Ball, the Oscars and Paris Fashion Week. A few of her favorite things are, fresh flowers, foamy cappucinos, writing in her planner with cute pens and Christmas time. 
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