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5 Tips for Keeping a Healthy and Happy Relationship in College

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

Mastering college involves being able to balance all aspects of our lives, from getting enough sleep to studying enough and keeping up with loved ones. It’s a juggling act. Unfortunately, we will drop the ball from time to time, and one of the most common areas to suffer are our relationships. Whether it’s forgetting to text back, cancel plans for the hundredth time or just losing that spark, it just happens. While there are no fairy godmothers, or guidebooks to help us have the perfect relationship, there are five tips for developing and keeping a happy and healthy relationship.

 1. Communication is a major key!

College doesn’t stop for anyone, so you more than likely have a million and one classes, assignments, and appointments on top of trying to tend to your relationship. This results in canceled or rescheduled plans and going a period without talking. When this happens, one or both parties begin to do the worst thing possible: go to everyone and their mom to talk about why they feel this is happening. You know who we don’t go to? Our significant other. Unfortunately, every person we talk to will have an opinion and by the end of it all, we are imagining the worst! Instead of going through the million and one what-ifs at 3 am, just call your S.O and talk it out instead. Your peace of mind will thank you.

  2.  Make time

It sounds impossible with an already full schedule, but the saying goes “People make time for what they want to make time for.” You can have the full schedule and the relationship, but it’ll take a little work. Compare schedules and mark out some time just for the two of you. Now, this doesn’t have to be hours and hours of time, but a 30-minute Facetime or a movie date on a Friday night can make a difference. Your “we time” can give you time to reconnect and remember what made you fall for each other in the first place.

 3. Have faith

This one isn’t always the easiest, but it is the most important. Teamwork makes the dream work, and you won’t ever win if you can’t trust the person next to you. It’s okay to feel insecure in your relationship, and every couple has a moment of doubt but address it when it happens. The key is to lay it all out, the good, the bad, the ugly, and work through it together. Once you learn to rely on each other you will be able to handle the bumps in the road.

  4. Agree on the plan

Too often we get into relationships and assume that we are on the same page. When was the last time you asked your partner what is it that they wanted out of the relationship? You know what you want (hopefully), but is that what they want? You wouldn’t try to build that Ikea shelf without instructions, so don’t try to build your relationship without them.

  5. Focus on you boo

Too much of a good thing is never a good thing. It’s great that you focus on your partner and their needs, but there are two people in the relationship, so both deserve equal attention. Take time to focus on you and what you need as well. You can’t focus on the health of your relationship and present your best self if your own well-being is on the back burner. Exercise, eat well, tend to your relationships with friendships and family too. Balance is the key.


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is a senior at the University of Central Florida, and is majoring in Communication Science and Disorders. She aspires to persue a career as a Speech Language Pathologist after Grad School.Hobbies include cooking, trying new hair colors, and finding beautiful trails to walk on.  Guitly pleasures include chocolate covered potato chips, and scary movies.