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5 Tips for Balancing Your Heavy Workload

When I signed up for classes, accepted my first internships and became a part of two school clubs this semester, I decided that I was Superwoman and could magically do it all while going through a pandemic. This semester has physically and mentally challenged me, but I’m going through this so you don’t have to. Here’s how I’ve managed to keep my sanity.

Get an early start to your day

With remote classes and a flexible schedule, we’re all tempted to throw our prior schedule out the window and sleep in. I’m here to tell you that an early start makes all the difference. I set an alarm every morning to hold myself accountable to my long to-do list that is awaiting me once I get out of bed.

If my stress doesn’t get me out of bed, a cup of coffee will. I suggest finding something that will motivate you to get up — whether it’s lighting your favorite fall candle or listening to your favorite playlist. Make waking up early a want rather than a need.

Make a schedule

In order to not get sucked into the madness of multiple deadlines, I find that making a schedule or a to-do list works best for me. I start my Mondays by going through everything that I have to get done and seeing my list grow exponentially.

If you haven’t already bought a planner you enjoy looking at, then just make an old-fashioned to-do list. When you’re done with an assignment, make sure to check it off your list. It’s all worth it when you get to put a checkmark.

Have a good workstation

You’re not going to want to study when you’re not happy with your workstation. Set up your desk in a way that’s comfortable for you so you can focus on what’s important. Have fun with it — add posters, get candles, and splurge on your dream desk.

Keep yourself fueled up

This might not directly affect the quality of your schoolwork, but it’ll keep you motivated because certain foods help you study better. So, don’t skip that meal you’re debating cooking. I also view my meals and snacks as an opportunity to take a break for myself, usually accompanied by my favorite show.

If you’re having a hard time staying focused, grab a snack or a drink. It’ll keep you from grabbing your phone for hours of distraction.

Plan something for the end of the week as an incentive

To keep me motivated to make it to the end of the week, I make sure to plan on doing something I can look forward to. My roommates and I have taken up a Sunday breakfast tradition, and it makes my busy week a little more bearable. Give yourself some time to unwind before you have to do it all over again the next week.

These are just a few things that I’ve found to help keep my heavy workload manageable. Props to those who manage to be a full-time student and have a job, because they’re my true heroes. Shoutout to Ariel Tarrago — my boyfriend — who manages to put up with me, even after his long shifts and hours of studying.

Isabel Vila is a junior majoring in Advertising/Public Relations. She was born in Puerto Rico but raised in South Florida most of her life. You can catch her watching The Marvelous Mrs.Maisel, looking at upcoming fashion trends, or being with friends and family. You can keep up with Isabel through her instagram @isabel_vila.
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