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5 Times Alan Rickman As Severus Snape Broke our Hearts into Tiny Little Pieces

*Warning: Harry Potter spoilers ahead 
Alan Rickman died today. He was an actor who is probobly most well-known for portraying Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movies. He also had roles in other great films like Sense and Sensiblity, Love Actually, and Die Hard.
To Alan Rickman, I say thank you. Thank you for everything that you have done for the film industry and for portraying the character of Severus Snape so vividly. The character of Severus Snape taught me and so many others what it truly means to love and your acting touched an entire generation. 
In honor of Alan Rickman, I have compiled a list of my all-time favorite Severus Snape heartbreaking scenes. 
1. All those times when he was mean to Harry Potter and his friends. 
2. When he killed Dumbledore 
3. When he was attacked by Voldemort's snake Nagini
4. And then told Harry "You have your mother's eyes" before he died. 
5. The most heartbreaking of all... When he held Lily in his arms after she had been killed by Voldemort. 
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