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5 Things You Need When Camping out for Concerts

Vibe check! Spending 12+ hours waiting in line for a concert so you can be at the very front and get barricade? We got you covered! Here are five products and brands that can help you live your best life when going to concerts! These products are perfect to help you look stylish, keep your skin healthy and glowing, and to enlighten your experience that you’ve probably waited forever for. You don’t want anything to ruin your experience — especially not dry skin, messy hair or dehydration! The products are easy to find and guaranteed to help you have a great time.


Before going to any concert, you have to get the perfect outfit! From clothing to handbags and jewelry, Vivrelle has an amazing collection of items from influencers that you can borrow for as long as you’d like, or even purchase! There are three different memberships to choose from and you can keep the items as long as you want or switch them out whenever you feel like it! Shipping is also fast and free — even when you return an item. You can create a whole new outfit filled with accessories to boot just for the concert, and then switch it out for something new afterward!

Extra Refreshers

After camping out all day for a concert, the last thing you want is stale breath — especially if you’re trying to meet the artist! The best way to avoid that is to keep a pack of Extra Refreshers Gum with you. Instead of carrying around a toothbrush and toothpaste to the venue with you, you can simply pop a piece of gum in your mouth after eating and you’re good to go. And if you’re with a group of people, something as little as sharing a piece of Extra gum can spark a meaningful connection. 

Mary Kay

After spending hours waiting in line, you don’t want your skin to be dry and damaged before you put on your makeup. Naturally by Mary Kay is where naturally derived ingredients meet exciting product forms! This new and improved gentle formula is suitable for sensitive skin.

Use the Naturally Purifying Cleanser to wipe off all the dirt and sweat that accumulates during the day. Then use the Naturally Nourishing Oil and allow the oil to settle into your skin before topping it off with the Naturally Moisturizing Stick to keep your skin looking healthy and gorgeous. Once you’ve allowed all of the products to settle in, you can begin putting on your makeup for the concert!

Bonus: you can repeat the process at the end of the night when you take off all your makeup to keep your skin glowing! 


Camping out for concerts when you live in Florida is the worst because of all the heat and humidity. It’s so difficult to keep your hair looking nice and soft and not at all frizzy. Luckily, Garnier has two products that are perfect for camping out in Florida.

Garnier’s Whole Blends 10 in 1 Miracle Nectar Leave-In Serum restores your hair’s natural beauty. This serum will detangle, defrizz, moisturize, nourish and protect your hair against the heat. After defrizzing and restoring your hair, you can see the Garnier Fructis Men’s Liquid Stylers and style your hair. Even though this product is technically for men, anyone can use it! This product is useful for concerts because you can style your hair and use the pomade to keep your hair from moving out of place and frizzing with all of the jumping up and down that you’ll be doing once the concert starts.


Something I tried for the very first time while camping out recently was Emergen-C products. Emergen-C is the perfect way to keep yourself hydrated while camping out and to avoid passing out during the concert due to dehydration or exhaustion.

I recommend using the Vitamin C Daily Immune Support in Super Orange during the daytime. Simply add the packet of the Emergen-C powder into a glass or a water bottle with 4-6 ounces of water in it and drink! Before going into the venue, I also recommend drinking the Emergen-C Nutrient Shot Energy+ in Pomegranate Berry or Peach Mango. This nutrient shot has natural caffeine from green tea and coffee fruit plus Vitamin C! It should help prevent you from dehydrating during the concert itself. 

Bonus: if you start feeling sick the next day because of exhaustion and screaming your heart out, take another Nutrient Shot! 

Some other things that you should make sure you bring with you while waiting in line are sunscreen, snacks and a lot of water! Once you’ve gone through and used all of these products during the day, ditch them before you go inside because the venues probably won’t let anything else in. Camping out for 12+ hours for a concert is no easy task. With these products, you’re on your way to having an amazing experience while looking and feeling good! 

Images: All images taken by Emma Charlotte Young

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