5 Things to Look Forward to in 2020 After Social Distancing

With tensions rising in the United States concerning the daunting Coronavirus pandemic, it's important that we remain calm and positive. I know that all the uncertainty is very overwhelming, but we have the ability to redirect our attention to future events happening in the coming months, after isolation and social distancing is over. 

  1. 1. Perseid Meteor Shower

    This annual event, which will occur early on August 12, is going to be out of this world. No matter where you live, it's likely you'll be able to see radiant streams of light shooting across the sky. To get the best possible view, try finding an open, rural area that has minimal light. After you’ve chosen your spot, allow yourself at least 60 minutes of observing time. Although the meteor shower is expected to occur, it may come in a sequence of gaps between shows.

  2. 2. Yahoo! 10 Year Time Capsule Showcase

    On October 25-27 this year, Yahoo will be showcasing more than 15 hours of various pieces of work from one of the largest internet time capsules in history. Images, videos and stories will be projected on the canyon walls of the ancient pueblo of Jemez in New Mexico.

  3. 3. Broadway Musical ‘In the Heights’ Being Brought to Theaters

    Lin-Manuel Miranda, the genius who wrote the infamous musical, Hamiltion, is debuting his 2008 Broadway musical, In the Heights, on the silver screen this year. The plot of the movie will center on a Hispanic-American community of dreamers in Washington Heights. 

  4. 4. Mars Mission Launch

    This long-term project, called NASA’s Mars Exploration Program, will finally be set in motion mid-July of this year. NASA will be launching the Perseverance Rover to collect samples of rocks and soils, in hopes of testing for past attributes of habitable life conditions and expanding our knowledge to possibly attempt a human expedition soon. However, another mission will have to be launched in order to return the samples back to Earth. 

  5. 5. New iPhone 12 Release

    The rumored release date for Apple’s newest iPhone will be sometime in September of this year. Speculations about the new design say the front camera will be hidden under the screen and the Face ID concept will be traded in for a fingerprint scanner. While some are worried that the production of the new technology will be impacted by the coronavirus, reports say that development will go unaffected. If anything, the release day may be postponed to October or November.

It’s hard to look at the bright side of things when there have been so many disappointments that have resulted from this virus. However, if we change our mentality and do our best to look forward, there will always be light at the end of the tunnel.