5 Things to do as a New Knight

Now that we are a month into classes, it is time to get serious about what your freshman year is going to look like. Depending on what experiences you are looking to have as your first year as a Knight, you cannot deny that at a school this large, opportunities are limitless. Here are my five recommendations on what you should do your first year at UCF:


  1. Join a club.

Coming to a campus this large can be very intimidating. The best way to overcome this, is by joining a club or organization. By doing this, our university will seem smaller and more cozy. Through clubs, you can meet friends that share similar interests as you; whether it be philanthropy/community service (check out Knight-thon), or event planning (look up CAB or Homecoming Committee). The possibilities are endless when we have over 600 registered clubs and organizations.  


       2.  Rush for a sorority or fraternity.

This is one that is highly recommended by those in Greek life. Whether you decided to go the Pan-Hellenic route, or professional fraternity route, sororities and fraternities can help you develop as a leader and help you network with other students and alumnus. Plus, you get a bunch of new friends. Who doesn’t love that? There are many different ones you can join, so go find your home! You might end up with a bunch of new brothers or sisters. 


       3.  Tailgate at Knights on the Mall.

Tailgating is an interesting tradition at universities. While there is a lot of drinking happening at tailgates, don’t think that is what it is all about. There is plenty of freebies; such as black and gold beaded necklaces, music, and the best of all- free food! You are going to learn pretty fast that free food is life. While you are there, get a tan and play some frisbee or football. 



       4.  Go to a football game.

Before I say anything, it is free! My favorite word. This is an activity alumni, parents, and Knight fans pay big money to come to, and by just being a UCF student, we can go for free and cheer our boys on. You will not see school spirit like the kind you do at a football game. So put on your black and gold and join us at our next home game at Bright House Networks Stadium. 


       5.  Take a selfie with Knightro.

Probably my favorite on this list is to take a selfie with Knightro. He is UCF’s campus cutie every day. I honestly love seeing him around campus and at university events. He is always so peppy and pumped! So, make sure to ask him for a selfie next time you see him. He is always photo-ready!

I hope you are as excited to be at UCF as I am, make sure to make your mark here. Don’t just be a number, do something incredible. You have all the skills you need! I have faith in all my fellow new Knights.

Go Knights and charge on!


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