5 Songs That Have Gotten Me Through the Pandemic

I've never really felt that I used music a lot to get through my emotions. I try to, but it seems l can never find the right songs at the moment, and then it's just a mess. This past year, though, the world shut down and became utter chaos; I depended on music more than ever. I realized that in the last year I have been obsessed with certain songs that really paralleled with how I felt during that time. So, let's take a look at the songs I couldn't stop listening to throughout this pandemic!

  1. 1. "All By Myself" - Celine Dion

    Girl lying on bed alone

    This one is very on the nose. All the way back in March and April of 2020, I was self-isolated in my apartment all by myself. One night while I was chilling at home this classic popped in my head and never left. I spent many days dramatically walking around my apartment complex with this blasting in my headphones. 

  2. 2. "I Love Me" - Demi Lovato


    Once I was able to go back home to Mississippi to be with my family, I began entering a stage of personal growth I haven't left. Being alone for so long and not leaving the house made me start looking at who I am as a person. I've felt a connection to this bop since it came out, and it became my anthem as I started to show myself more love and kindness while allowing myself to grow. 

  3. 3. "Electric Love" - Paravi Das

    Pink neon love sign

    During the summer, I was very lucky to find someone I love in the midst of a pandemic. I feel this song was a perfect jam to have during this time, and I always thought of them whenever I listened to it. This song was a TikTok discovery (where I've found the majority of the music now in my library) and it's a gorgeous rendition of this great song. I cannot praise this song enough.

  4. 4. "Sedona" - Houndsmith

    car mirror reflection

    As school started back up I hit another wall of anxiety and sadness, and then TikTok introduced me to this song. This song makes me relive all the fun adventures I've been on, and those memories are holding me over until travel is possible again. I jam hard to this song because it just puts me in such a good mood. This one is still heavy on my rotation. 

  5. 5. "drivers license" - Olivia Rodrigo 

    Woman wearing white headphones and dancing

    I couldn't think about making this list without adding this gem. It's the song everyone is talking about for a reason. I recently went through a breakup, and this is the perfect song to sing super loud in the car. I feel like this song has struck a chord with so many people because it just makes you feel the hard emotions that we all have been dealing with a little more of lately. 

This past year has sucked in so many ways, but having these songs in my arsenal has made even the smallest moments a little better. What songs have helped you through this pandemic? Also, why is "drivers license" definitely on everyone's list?