This $5 Serum Cleared My Acne

If you are into skincare, you may have looked at some of the $100 serums at Sephora that promise to clear all of your blemishes and give you flawless looking skin. As a fellow college student on a budget, it's not very practical to shell out $100 on one skincare product that is the same cost as two weeks of groceries.

However, the new skincare line that dropped at Sephora is intriguing for any price range. The new skincare line is called The Ordinary. The Ordinary is loved for its innovative products and cheap price tag (as low as $5) and sold out fast when it launched on Sephora due to its potency.The best part is that the products are vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated without parabens and sulfates! When I saw this, I went a little crazy and bought multiple serums and potions in the hope that I see of the skin of my dreams. The specific product I am talking about is the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%.

This wonder serum contains potent formula packed with vitamin and minerals with a whopping 10% pure Niacinamide and one percent zinc. I apply this twice a day morning and night, and within two days my forehead acne started clearing up, and it stopped whiteheads on my cheeks mid-breakout. I assumed it was just my skin having a good skin day, but ever since I started, my acne cleared up MAJORLY. I have been using it religiously for three months with a simple skincare routine of Cetaphil, witch hazel toner, and the Niacinamide serum and my skin has improved dramatically. Sometimes I don't use my whole skincare routine which is noticeable the next morning, but even during my period when my face looks like a tomato, the Niacinamide keeps my acne at bay and prevents further breakouts. The best part? Its only $5.90! 

They also have products such as a caffeine eye solution that helps with puffiness under the eyes, and a salicylic acid solution that I use occasionally as a spot treatment that work wonderful. If you are interested in skincare, The Ordinary also has retinoids, Vitamin C, Direct Acids, Antioxidants, hydrators, and more molecules that are in the purest form but also inexpensive. If acne isn't your concern, don't fret! They have a regimen guide located on their website containing information and products that will be beneficial in terms of anti-aging, dehydration, and textural irregularities which all have 5 star rated products in the sample regimen guide. The only problem is the fast sell out rate, but luckily you can buy them directly from if Sephora is sold out of products, which is usually half the time. The Ordinary is even starting to develop makeup products such as silicone primers and serum foundations . If you struggle with acne just like I do, it is worthwhile to try it out since you won't be losing much. Just a disclaimer, almost no product is a miracle worker, but these products do dramatically help me to banish the blemishes before they appear.

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