5 Reasons You Should Be At Her Conference Next Year

As many of you know, this past weekend was the annual Her Conference in New York City. For the past four years, Her Campus has put on this amazing event to empower young women to reach their goals and full potential in life and in the work place. This past conference was full of incredible speakers such as Michelle Tan, Editor-in-Chief of Seventeen magazine and Lisa Arbetter, Editor at People StyleWatch. If you missed out on the Her Conference this year, here’s why you definitely shouldn’t miss it next year!


If there’s one thing that I learned at this conference, it’s that networking is key! You can’t get anywhere without it, and what better place to network than at Her Conference? Let’s be real, at what other event can you say you had the chance to meet the Editor-in-Chief of Seventeen magazine, Refinery29, People, and writers from Buzzfeed and Us Weekly? You can’t!  


2. FREE guacamole from Chipotle

That’s right, I said it, no extra charge for the guac...or your whole meal for that matter! Chipotle catered for lunch at Her Conference, which means everyone got free self-served Chipotle. You could have all the chicken, rice, and guac your heart desired. Who can argue with free Chipotle?

3. Free giveaways

The word “free” seems to be a trending topic throughout this list and if you went to the event, you could see why! Her Conference was extremely generous in giving out “swag bags” and tons of raffles. We received little gifts from all of their sponsors, including Skinny Pop popcorn, Degree deodorant, Nine West makeup bags, Pantene hair products, and so much more! Not to mention that everyone had the chance to win a Micro Board, Intel powered 2-1 laptop, Kate Spade bag, SoulCycle goodie bag, Ray-Ban’s, and other exciting giveaways!

4. Her Conference is in New York City!

What better way to get yourself to NYC than this?! New York City has so much to offer and being able to go to a conference there is such an amazing opportunity. It can open so many different doors for you and show you a lifestyle of living that you may not have been exposed to yet. Many jobs in this industry are based out of NYC and having the opportunity to explore it can make all the difference.

5. Meeting other extraordinary women who are interested in the same things as you

At the Her Conference you are given the opportunity to meet other women around your age that want the same thing as you. Everyone is there to learn and grow, which is a really great environment to be in. These women are there to encourage you and want to see you be successful. There really is no other place where you can surround yourself with that kind of positive energy and meet women who have an interest in the same field as you do.


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