5 Reasons Why 'Twin Peaks' Is My Favorite '90s Show

Twin Peaks is one of my favorite shows for so many reasons. David Lynch truly created a television show that had just the right amount of a traditional murder mystery with a cultish flare. It’s a predecessor and obvious influence for many current popular TV shows like Stranger Things and Riverdale. So here are just a couple of reasons for you to love the series too.

  1. 1. The first two seasons are on Netflix!

    There’s nothing better than a damn good show on Netflix! Feel free to indulge yourself by binge-watching the first two seasons, or give yourself time to reflect on the twists by taking breaks between episodes to digest what you’ve just watched. This is David Lynch, so be prepared for some strange twists and turns!

  2. 2. There’s romance!

    Even though the show revolves around solving a dastardly murder in a small town in Washington state, the series is not all gloom. In fact, there’s tons of romance blooming between the characters. There are enough couples in the story to stan a favorite, and there’s plenty of drama going on with each of them for us to follow. 

  3. 3. The '90s, Pacific-Northwest Fashion

    The fashion in Twin Peaks is elite! Characters don those infamous, chunky '90s sweaters to face the cold of the Pacific Northwest. However, there are also influences from '40s and '50s style, as evident in the diner uniforms and in many of the characters' daily fashion choices. In this show, the characters are allowed to be as zany as can be, and many of them have iconic looks because of this freedom.

  4. 4. The Double R Diner

    If you like the diner scenes in Riverdale, you’ll love Twin Peaks. The Double R Diner in Twin Peaks is a watering hole for all of the characters — everyone ends up there at one point or another. There are so many important scenes that happen in the diner, and because Twin Peaks is a show that follows quite a few different characters, it feels like “home base” in the series. Also, the food and coffee always look good, so it’s no wonder the characters crave it!

  5. 5. It gets WEIRD, and that’s the best part!

    Twin Peaks simply would not be the same without its kitschy and downright strange aspects. There will be twists and general weirdness, but it’s honestly the best part of the show. The “Lynch-isms” are what separate Twin Peaks from so many traditional '90s shows, so embrace the uniqueness and know that you will never watch something quite like Twin Peaks again!

There are truly so many reasons to love David Lynch's Twin Peaks​, and it is honeslty a perfect show to binge this fall. So if you like your murder mysteries with a dash of surrealism and a heavy dosage of '90s nostalgia, then pick up a cup of warm coffee, grab a cozy blanket, and watch Twin Peaks!

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