5 Reasons to See "Incredibles 2"

     On June 15, 2018, the unthinkable happened – Incredibles 2 was finally released. The first Incredibles was made in 2004, so you can imagine my excitement about seeing the sequel for the first time on June 18th. Thankfully, it lived up to its expectations. However, I am not here to list off my favorite parts of the movie or convince you why it was the best family movie of all times (even if I do believe it). I’m here to tell those of you who aren’t sure if it’s worth the movie theater hassle to go to see it that it 100% is. And here’s why.

1.   You need to analyze the short before the movie.

Disney movies have been doing shorts for a while now, each with a deeper meaning than the last. Incredibles 2 was no exception. The short, Bao, was thought-provoking and caused my brother and me to scream at each other the entire car ride home about the ways it can be interpreted. Even if you normally aren’t someone to enjoy shorts, make sure you get to Incredibles 2 in time to see this one.

2.   It is an incredibly family friendly movie.

I mean this both in that you can take the whole family to see it (heck, I saw it with my 20-year-old brother) and that the messages behind the movie are inherently family oriented. Every piece of this movie is extending to the family and showing how important it is to have your family’s love and support. Mr. Incredible learns how to take on a family role to allow his wife to save the world. It is a must see.

3.   You finally learn what Jack-Jack’s powers are.

The lovable baby is back at it again in Incredibles 2. Honestly, the main reason I wanted to see this movie was to learn what he could do and how it was going to enhance the rest of the family’s powers. I was pleasantly surprised with the results. He’s still the young, excitable munchkin he was in the first one, but he gets some added flare in the sequel.

4.   It’s a family of superheroes.

I know Marvel has had quite a few movies coming out focusing on specific superheroes. However, there are very few movies out there that focus on a full family of superheroes. Violet dealing with normal teenage difficulties (such as Dash embarrassing her in front of her crush) in addition to being a superhero are all things I like to see. The kids helping their parents fight crime is definitely different than modern box office hits.

5.   You’ve been waiting 14 years for this.

If the other reasons I have listed didn’t convince you, this one should. Fourteen years is a long time to wait for a movie. Whether you think it’s your cup of tea, after waiting this long, you might as well see it with your family/friends, just to say you did. Plus, you get to see the movie producers apologize for the YEARS of waiting at the beginning of the movie, which makes you realize why it took so long and that overall, it was well worth the wait.

Warning: For individuals with photosensitive epilepsy or other photo sensitivities , there is a part of the movie with a sequence of flashing lights that may affect you. Please be careful.

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