5 Reasons MirandaSings is my Youtuber Bae

As a self-proclaimed Mirfanda, I am really essited about today’s topic because I LOOOOOVE Miranda Sings. She is the sunshine to my gloomy Florida days. When I heard the slightly pitchy intro to one of her videos, (“Hey guys, it’s me, Miranda!”), my heart swells with happiness. Being known for her conservative views and huge crowds of male (and female!) admirers, it is no surprise that she has her long list of baes that include JoshuaDTV, Ricky Dillion, Tyler Oakley, and Joey Graceffa. So let’s look more in-depth into the reasons why Miranda Sings is my Youtuber bae.

1) She has a well-rounded, sucesful career.

What else can you need? Like are you kedding me? She is an actress, model, singer, magician, and now a New York Times bestselling author! Stop asken for more.

2) She is such a trendsetter.

She has all the best tips whether it is style, voice lessons, dancing, makeup, or hair tutorials. She is always ahead of everyone else. Juss sayin.

3) She is so bootiful and atracive.

Like wut the heck. It is so difficult not to fall for this amazing woman. She has all the physical qualities you would want in a significant other. She is a one-of-a-kind snowflake. She’s got me sooo gud. I need her in my lyfe.

4) She has strong Christian values.

“Stop being porn” is one of her most well-known quotes for a reason. She is a faithful follower of JC and I can appreciate that as a Christian woman myself.

5) She appreciates the small things in life.

While most of us can be ungrateful at times, Miranda is not. She always takes time to be thankful for the little things; like extra hairs and smelling old bandages.


Until the day I meet her face to face, I shall be content with our cyber connection.  

If you are like me and need your Miranda fix ASAP, you can go to Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and see her in all her glory. 


*Disclaimer: I purposely spelled words wrong in this article. It is Miranda Sings' language. Haterz back off!


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