5 Reasons I'm Thankful for My Best Friend: My Mom

Throughout our lifetimes, most of us have at least a couple of people we consider our best friends. Lucky for me, I met mine the day I was born: my mom. Never in my lifetime have I met anyone as incredible as my mother. I’m thankful for her for so many reasons, but here are the top reasons that come to mind.

  1. 1. No matter how busy she is, she'll always make time for me.

    My mom and I talk on the phone every single day. Sometimes for just a couple of minutes, sometimes for an hour. She works every day, most of the time a least 10 hours a day. She still manages to make time to talk to me. I could text her and tell her I need to talk to her and I promise within 20 minutes she will have called me and talked me through whatever I need. She’ll work it into her busy schedule to see me at least four times a semester. Just knowing there is someone who is there to listen whenever I need makes my mom the most incredible person.

  2. 2. She's my biggest supporter.

    I have had my dreams set on law school from the age of 14. Never once has she doubted my ability to get there. When I told her I wanted to bring my dog to college with me, she didn’t warn me against the struggles associated with having a dog while in college — she let me figure it out myself. She lets me make the mistakes I need to make. She’d never say she “told me so,” despite me being the queen of stupid decisions. She’d pick me up when I made dumb mistakes and remind me to just try again. I am constantly reminded how proud she is of me, whether it be for getting into an awesome pre-law program or just getting a good grade on a quiz. She shares every single article I have ever written for Her Campus and constantly tells her friends about them. She supports all my endeavors in life and I could never thank her enough.

  3. 3. She's selfless.

    My mom will do absolutely anything for my brothers and me. Throughout high school, no matter how tired she was, she would make sure my brothers got to their sports games or I got to my club meetings. She works way more than she should have to just to make sure my brothers and I have absolutely anything we need. She is an advocate not only for us but for her students and will fight for whatever they need to be successful, despite how hard that may be. She puts others above herself, even though all she deserves is the world to give her this same selflessness in return. Mom, thank you for always putting us first — but remember it’s not a bad thing to put yourself first, too. 

  4. 4. She's hilarious.

    My mom is one of the funniest people I know. Whether it be making goofy faces or impersonating other people (including my brothers — sorry Adam), she never stops putting a smile on my face. Sure, sometimes her jokes make me roll my eyes, but hey — I’m her daughter, what else can you expect? Maybe it’s the fact that she’s a kindergarten teacher or maybe she just has a knack for making people smile. Regardless, my mom makes the best jokes and I'm so thankful for her sense of humor, especially after a long day. 

  5. 5. She doesn't care what anyone else thinks. 

    Starting in middle school, I’ve vented to my mom constantly. She would always remind me that it didn't matter what anyone else thought, especially through my teenage years where everyone had a comment about everything. Obviously, this is a lot easier said than done, but my mom has followed the motto of “who cares?” for as long as I can remember. She has her own sense of self and she doesn’t care what other people think. She wears what she wants, says what she wants and does what she wants. She has taught me that anyone who says anything bad about it isn’t worth our time. 

Mom, if (when) you’re reading this, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for being my best friend and my biggest supporter through absolutely everything. No matter how hard things have gotten, I know I always have you by my side. I love you and I hope you know just how absolutely incredible you are. I can see it and everyone else does, too. I’m so thankful for everything you have done for me and I’m so lucky to call you my mom.

All images were provided by the author.