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5 Reasons College Students are Basically Pizza Rat

If college students had a spirit animal, it would be #PizzaRat. The video of a rat attempting to drag a slice of pizza (twice its size) down a flight of stairs in a NY subway, and abandoning all hope in the end- just to stare at the pizza in defeat, has gone viral. Nothing describes the desperate and hungry life of a college student quite like the poor rodent.

We dream big, even if it’s for a big slice of cheesy goodness.

Sometimes college breaks you down and all you can hope for is pizza.  When you forget about an assignment or sleep through your midterm, your hopes of an A in that Marketing class is out of the picture.  The only thing left to do is find a slice of pizza twice your size.

Our life is a mess, but we pretend it isn’t.

Pizza Rat took a tumble down one of the stairs, but he played it off like he meant to do that.  Where did that slice come from? Where is Pizza rat taking it? No one knows, just like no college student knows what is going on in their life.  Sure, you’re taking classes and got into your major, but what is your exact game plan? How will you pay that parking ticket? Don’t worry about it, let’s go get some pizza and go to happy hour.

There is nothing we wouldn’t do for free food.

Literally. Every time there is an event at a college campus, there is bound to be free food.  Students will show up just to bum a hotdog off of a poor group trying to promote something. College students are rats. If we could, we would haul an oversized slice of pizza across campus for the sole reason it was free.

We are gross, but nobody cares.

If you walk into the college students’ nest, AKA. dorm, it’s usually not pretty.  Laundry is in pile on the bed, pushed to the side so we can nap without having to fold it. Leftovers are a week old, but still on the menu.  We go to class in the same outfit we slept in.  But it’s all good.  It’s acceptable because we are in college.  Pizza Rat is the same.  Rats are gross, but nobody cares when they see Pizza Rat dragging a slice down some stairs.

Pizza is life.

Let’s be real here.  Pizza is the best thing to eat anytime.  Oh it’s 3 A.M.? Pizza.  Lunch the next day? Pizza. It still tastes like heaven heated up in the microwave, and the fact that rat is hauling a piece of pizza larger than its body is amazing.  That’s the dream.

Sarah is a senior journalism major at UCF.  When she's not writing for HerCampus or local campus newspapers, you can probably find her at the gym or binge watching shows on Netflix.  If you think you recognize her, you've probably seen her interviewing students or photographing events around campus.  Sarah is a huge fan of pizza, sharks and dancing in the car even though she is well aware she can't dance.  She often takes off on spur of the moment trips to foreign countries without telling anyone and enjoys a nice accent. Follow Sarah on Instagram and Twitter!
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