5 Places to Recharge in Florida

There is without a doubt times in life where we all feel we just need to simply get away from everything and take a break. There is nothing wrong with simply just wanting to tuck all your problems away for a day or two and getting out of town to go do something unrelated to what you may be dealing with. 

Life gets almost intolerable sometimes in ways we never thought we’d have to deal with. My favorite thing to do in this situation is just pretend the problems I have don’t exist for a few days and allow myself to genuinely soak in life and the beautiful things we have been presented with in front of our faces. 

I know that when I am trying to get away from my issues, I really get away. Here are five place I personally love to drive to to get away from all the hardships life tends to offer:

  1. Lake Eola - Lake Eola, located in the heart of downtown Orlando, isn’t necessarily the furthest place you can get away, but definitely a place I like to go at night during the spring and fall. There is one particular area I like to go in Lake Eola and that is an area that overlooks the entire lake with the city in the background. Now Downtown Orlando is no New York City, but the view from Lake Eola certainly isn’t unpleasant. There is an area by the lake with multiple flag posts where I just like to sit and relax every once in a while. It’s very pleasing and definitely refreshing in the evening.        
  2. Clearwater Beach/St. Petersburg, FL - I have made this drive several times before and just the drive alone allows me to get away from it all. If you have ever been to Clearwater Beach or St. Petersburg, there is a huge bridge that stretches out for about five miles where you can just overlook the entire Atlantic Ocean. It’s especially beautiful at sunset when the sun is sparkling over the water and there many food places and hotels in the area to go if you don’t feel like making the drive back in the same day.         
  3. Celebration, FL - If you want an environment with a little more visual stimulation, but is still calm and relaxing, celebration is the place to go. During the winter, this small and beautiful Disney-built town is lit up and saturated with fake snow for the holidays and is honestly one of my favorite places to walk around, especially that time of year. There are plenty of places to go out to eat and just simply view. This town definitely has an older vibe to it and that’s what I love so much about it.         
  4. Mount Dora, FL - I have only been once, but I would happily go again. This place definitely presents itself as a place with an intense southern feel with its small boutiques and unique food shops. The little town sits on a steep hill in the middle of nowhere. A few times a year, they have festivals and many other unique events. Again, this is definitely a place with clear historic vibes, but who doesn’t wanna escape the modern life every once in a while anyway? It makes you appreciate everything our current society has had the privilege of growing up with.        

5. Amelia Island - Living in Orlando you don't really hear about these small and secluded islands and I didn’t discover Amelia Island until recently. This gorgeous island is located just off the northeastern coast of Florida, not to far from Jacksonville. My favorite part about Amelia Island is that the beaches are almost never crowded and the ocean is so clear and beautiful. I would recommend getting a hotel room or Airbnb , shutting your phone off, and going kayaking in these crystal blue waters for a few hours. They genuinely have some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.      


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