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5 Places to Eat that are Spring Break Diet Approved

Trying to buckle down and get that Spring Break bod is nothing short of a difficult, annoying, whiney-filled process that, most of the time, ends up in a binge eating fest. No matter how good we want to look in our bikinis, cravings and slip ups happen. We think that limiting ourselves to a strict diet of only protein shakes and eggs will keep us sane enough until we can finally eat something tasty, like a juicy burger (which tends to happen way before the diet is over… oops?) To be realistic, especially as college students, “eating out” is one of the most common phrases in our vocabulary. No one wants to turn down a trip to get food with friends, no matter how close Spring Break may be. Well, get excited because eating out is actually quite maintainable on a Spring Break diet! Yes, you will still have to say goodbye to Wendy’s french-fries dipped in a chocolate frosty and even a hot, cheesy slice of Lazy Moon pizza, *sigh* but healthy choices are out there! Go ahead and grab a bite at any of these 5 restaurants and fast food places while keeping that Spring Break bod in tip-top shape. 

1. Chipotle

Ahh, Chipotle. Doesn’t that just put the biggest smile on your face? Chipotle is a great option when going out to eat on a Spring Break diet. Avoid getting a burrito and stick with a bowl for less carbs. Swapping white rice with brown will give you a healthier, more easily digested starch and opting for no beans saves you from extra bloat. Make sure to throw on some protein; chicken or steak always make good additions to a Chipotle bowl and tend to keep you fuller longer. Steer clear of the cheese, sour cream, and guacamole! Of course they are the most delicious of all the Chipotle add-ons, but remember you are still on a diet. Some sacrifices have to be made, but that just means extra lettuce and hot sauce to fill the void!

2. Panera Bread

Sure Panera has the word “bread” in its name, but they still serve healthy options! If there is one thing I can say about Panera, it’s salad. Everyone loves a good salad, especially when dieting. Luckily, Panera has the hook up! Ideally the salad should only contain healthy toppings such as vegetables and protein. If the salad comes with croutons and crispy wontons, try replacing them with another vegetable or extra protein. Also, ask for dressing on the side. This allows you to use less and cut calories. 

3. Starbucks

Coffee is not a want, but a need in our society. However, sugary caffeine drinks can sneak up on us and be detrimental to our Spring Break diets. When ordering a coffee at Starbucks, say goodbye to the Frappuccino and hello to iced-coffee! Adding sugar-free flavor to your coffee will give you all of the taste without the harm and swapping regular milk for soy or fat free milk will keep away the bloat! Another option is to replace coffee with green tea (sugar free, of course). You get all of the green tea benefits and the needed energy you were seeking. One last thing, the pastries are off limits! Hungry? Grab one of Starbucks’ pre-made protein packs for a guilt free snack.

4. Burger 21

Surprise! You CAN have the juicy burger. How is that possible, you ask? Well, Burger 21 allows customers to order a burger without the bun. The beef patty comes wrapped in lettuce and is still filled with all of our favorite burger toppings. This way you can marvel in joy of eating a burger, but cut out all of the unnecessary carbs a bun brings. Burger 21 also has chicken, seafood, and veggie burger options that are all diet approved as well. Just make sure that anything ordered is only grilled or blackened, not fried.

5. Chick-fil-a

Chick-fil-a is not only a pleasure to eat at, but it also won’t ruin your Spring Break Body progress! All of the chicken is cooked in peanut oil, which is one of the healthiest fats to eat! While chicken tenders or a spicy chicken sandwich might not be the best option for us Spring Breakers, Chick-fil-a still has what you’re looking for. Order a salad, wrap, or whole-wheat sandwich all made with healthy and satisfying grilled chicken. Just replace the waffle fries with a fruit cup and save the milkshake for after an after Spring Break treat!

So stop feeling like you have to choose between your Spring Break bod and your weekly (maybe even daily) food outings! Diets are all about compromise and moderation. Spring Break will be here in no time and you will be glad you kept your goal while still enjoying the good things in life — food!

Shannon is a Junior at UCF studying Communications and Magazine Journalism. She enjoys laughing, traveling, taking photos, and being a foodie. In her spare time you can find Shannon watching Friends re-runs or blogging. She loves bagels, fashion, listening to throwbacks, and channeling her inner Blake Lively! Follow her on Twitter & Instagram
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