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Winter is here, and that means new hair trends for all that wind and snow we have to encounter. On the bright side, I'm sure every girl can agree that cold weather keeps our hair looking fabulous. What could be better than a five-step guide to having new and trendy hairstyles for the winter? The holidays might be over, but that doesn't mean you can't have that jaw-dropping hairstyle that will have the family and friends talking until the end of 2019!

Twisted Full Pony

My absolute favorite style would have to be this twisted full pony. Actress Shay Mitchell rocks the look, as usual, making a simple ponytail a red carpet look. If she can do it we can too, right? This pony is honestly very simple to recreate by using pins, a good amount of hairspray (to prevent fly-aways) and one hair tie—pretty simple. Add some statement jewelry and a cute dress you got yourself the look!

The Flip Out

Stars have been slaying the 1960s flip out hairstyles for some time now, and it's beginning to make an impression. Feminine but simple has got to be your best friend this winter. Although straight hair is gorgeous—just like all styles—let's be honest...it can get pretty boring. Sometimes we need to add our own special touches. This hairstyle includes a shiny yet straight hair look with the ends flipped out to add that spunk you need! Add this style to any of your festive outfits and you'll nail this 60s look. 


What could be more fun than having a #tbt to the 90s? You may think these knots are a little eccentric, and you're totally right! Being edgy and “different” is the new black and that's exactly what this hairstyle offers. The winter can get pretty bitter and when you have a girl’s night out, you have to play the part. Add this style to your simple yet cute winter outfits with some awesome lipstick and you're done, ladies!

Tie It Up

Would you believe me if I told you that a simple bun for your holiday party is the perfect hairstyle? Well, believe it! This high tied up bun can be your new winter look by just adding a velvet detail. You can either leave the velvet ribbon loose around your bun or make it more girly and add a cute bow to this look. Pair this bun and velvet ribbon with any outfit and you can have that classic hairstyle everyone will love.

Old School Glam

If you’re like me, you treasure the old days and how much glam the women back then had. Their hairstyles were always so chic and I'm pleased to announce these looks are coming back. Actress Blake Lively proves that 21st-century women can rock these old-school glam looks, just as they did a few decades back. All you'll need is a thick hot roller to add that round flow to your hair. Soft curls with a dramatic hair part are what you need. You can always add this simple hairstyle to your evening dress for that “dress to impress” Christmas party!

No matter what you wear or how you style your hair, you will always look fab. Confidence is key! 

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Yeniz is a junior studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Central Florida. Creating a better future through engineering has always been a dream for her, but when she isn't in the library studying for her exams, you can always find her blogging. She loves to discover new fashion trends and traveling through her bucket list. She has always loved fashion and makeup and hopes that her blogging one day can turn into something more than a hobby. If you want to keep up with her feel free to follow her on Instagram or her fashion blog: endlessshine.org!
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