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5 Horror & Thriller Movies Coming Out in October

It’s officially October, which means it’s time to binge horror and thriller movies. Here are five new films to be on the lookout for this month!

Halloween Kills

This long-awaited film comes out October 15 in theaters and on the streaming service, Peacock. After unexpected release delays, Halloween fans will finally be able to watch the next film. It continues the story of Michael Myers, who has wreaked havoc on the town of Haddonfield, IL.

The trailer suggests that Allyson, one of the protagonists, will team up with other town members to take the killer down. Fans also grew in excitement over the cameos of former Halloween cast members in the trailer. One question remains on fans’ minds: Will the people of Haddonfield be able to take the seemingly unkillable Michael Myers down? Find out on October 15.

There’s someone inside your house

The Netflix film is based on Stephanie Perkin’s novel, There’s Someone Inside Your House — which I highly suggest reading. It’s a fun and quick book to read in October. The film is set to release on October 6. The story centers around Makani Young, who has recently moved to Nebraska to live with her grandmother.

As her fellow classmates at Osborne High School start getting murdered, Makani tries to figure out the killer’s plan. Still haunted by her past, Makani wonders if she will survive the gruesome killings and stop the town’s murderer.

One of us is lying

Karen M. McManus’ novel has been adapted into a short series, which will premiere on October 7 on Peacock. If you haven’t read the book yet, it’s worth checking it out. The thriller focuses on four students whose lives change forever after detention. Though five of them were sent into detention, one of them did not make it out alive. When the police start investigating, eyes turn toward the students who were in the detention classroom.

Their fellow classmates begin to wonder if one of them is capable of murder. In an attempt to prove their innocence, Addy, Cooper, Bronwyn and Nate seek answers. Time ticks as they try to discover what led to the events in that detention. Did someone frame them or is one of the Bayview Four lying? Find out soon!

Night Teeth

Set to release October 20, the Netflix film stars Debby Ryan, Lucy Fry and Megan Fox. In the new thriller, a chauffeur, Benny, drives two passengers around to various Los Angeles spots.

After discovering their true, horrifying identity, Benny seeks to stay on the girls’ side in order to save his life. As he realizes what they are capable of, Benny wonders if he will survive the night. Benny is forced to make life-changing choices while being caught in a deadly war.

Last night in soho

Directed by Edgar Wright, the movie follows Eloise — a young woman passionate about fashion design. After being transported back to the 1960s, she begins to idolize Sandie — a club singer whose body she ends up inside.

Soon, Eloise discovers the horrifying circumstances of Sandie’s life. Both the past and the present collide, resulting in deadly events. Eloise learns that Sandie’s life wasn’t as glorious as she thought. Following the trailer’s release, Edgar Wright fans became even more excited about the film. It’s scheduled to show in theaters on October 29.

There’s no better way to start off October than watching new horror and thriller films. These five are sure to have audience members on the edge of their seats. Check them all out soon! Happy October!

Deanna is a senior majoring in English Creative Writing at UCF. After graduation, she plans to pursue an editorial job with a magazine company. When she's not writing or studying, she loves dancing, listening to music, and watching scary movies.
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