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5 Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed While Watching ‘WandaVision’

This article contains spoliers from episodes 1 through 7 of WandaVision.

We all know Marvel is iconic for leaving easter eggs, and their latest show, WandaVision, is no exception. On this newest addition to Disney+, we follow along with Marvel superheroes Wanda and Vision as they live the ideal suburban life. However, their ordinary everyday life is not so normal. As we get further into the show, it seems to get darker and leaves us with more unanswered questions. Just like most Marvel films, we are left with clues throughout the show to help us connect the dots and give us background information. These clues have led to many conspiracy theories and may even hint at future events. So, here are some easter eggs you might have missed when watching WandaVision.

Different Eras

Each episode of WandaVision is not only a different era, but is also modeled after shows during that era. The first episode is in black and white and is supposed to model the iconic show I Love Lucy. As the episodes progress, the eras change, leaving us currently in 2010, which was inspired by Malcolm in the Middle. They even go as far as changing the aspect ratio to match the time it’s taking place in.


Throughout the show, we have seen the symbol of a hexagon multiple times. It can be seen in the intros and in both Wanda’s made-up world and reality — it can even be seen in the smallest of details. In the latest episode, the hexagon shape can be seen in the pillows and duvet covers of Wanda and Vision’s bed. Although it’s been mentioned and can frequently be seen, it has yet to be revealed what the symbolism behind it is. It’s also been said that this shape has been seen in other MCU movies, including the newest upcoming installment: Spiderman: No Way Home. 

 Hidden Words

Along with hidden shapes, there are also hidden words and titles. The most notable example can be seen in episode six when Wanda and “Pietro” are walking; you can spot a theater behind them that lists the movies that are currently showing. In that list, you can spot The Incredibles. This episode is supposed to model the '90s, yet The Incredibles didn’t come out until 2004. This is a reminder that Wanda’s reality isn’t actually real.

Monica’s Powers

Although not much about Monica’s powers have been disclosed yet, we do know they exist and have some understanding of them thanks to the comics. In episode seven, Monica goes through the barrier of the Hex again, and her powers — being able to absorb energy within the electromagnetic spectrum — are introduced. In episode five of WandaVision, the doctors at S.W.O.R.D. take an x-ray of Monica and you can catch a small glimpse of it, which appears white. This was an indication of her future powers that were just established in the newest episode.


Episode six happens to be a Halloween special in the Hex, so all the characters are in costumes. Wanda, Vision and Billy dress up as their comic book characters and Tommy dresses up as Quicksilver. This plays homage to the original comics and can act as a clue for fans who may not know the comic versions.

MCU always does such a fantastic job with keeping their fans on edge, and WandaVision has definitely done this. These examples barely scratch the surface of the many clues that have been discovered! It’s so interesting to hear the theories people come up with and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the season plays out. Stay tuned!

Alexandra is a junior at the University of Central Florida, originally from Miami, Florida. She is majoring in Graphic Design and loves photography. When she's not at the beach, you can find her cooking, reading or binging New Girl for the 100th time.
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