5 Crafts to FALL in Love With

Crafting for me is a way to relieve stress and is one of the best chances I get to be creative! It's such a rewarding feeling to be able to make cute items for friends and family, and see these items decorate rooms. The season of fall is upon us, and there are so many crafting options for anyone to partake in. Let's get spooky!

1. Pumpkin Carving

Carving pumpkins is a classic, fun way to get in the Halloween spirit! Pumpkin patches are so fun to go to, not to mention a great photo opportunity for you and your friends! Pick out your favorite pumpkin and get ready to make a mess. You can do fun designs, like a face on your pumpkin, or carve a spooky cat out of the side. You can even paint your pumpkin your favorite color, or wrap plaid fabric around it to make it look festive! A good way to make it eye-catching is to put a small light inside and set your jack-o-lantern outside your front door for all your friends to see!

2. Pinecone Animals

Another craft you'll fall in love with is pinecone animals! Grab some pinecones from Joann's or Michael's, and paint or decorate them like cute animals. You could create little owls with googly eyes and beaks or a hedgehog with spikes and a button nose! Not to mention the pinecones smell AMAZING, so if you're living the dorm struggle where you can't burn candles, try this adorable option!

3. Light-Up Leaf Jars

The next decoration you can create is some light-up leaf jars! Your first step is to grab some mason jars, fall leaves, and small lights from your local craft store. Put the small light at the bottom of the jar, and then glue the colorful leaves to the insides. If you want to make it look super cute, tie a bow at the top of the jar and set different ones around your living area and bedroom! This looks especially cool when the lights are out because the light inside the jar casts colorful light onto your walls and really creates a warm atmosphere in your home!

4. Tassel Garland

A beautiful decoration to spice up your dorm is a tassel garland! Find different autumn colored tassels at a craft store, such as dark reds, oranges, yellows, blacks and whites. Then take the tassels and tie them to a long piece of string to create an adorable garland to hang anywhere in your dorm, like on walls or mantles. Tassels are a huge trend right now, and this is a super easy way to make a bare wall come to life!

5. Autumn Wreath

Last but not least! A great way to decorate either an indoor door or front door is with a wreath! The first thing you and your guests see at home is your door, so give it a little holiday spirit! Joann's sells grapevine wreaths (they look like twisted tree branches) in different sizes and mini pinecones to adorn your wreath. You could also sprinkle orange or maroon glitter on it or tie a ribbon into a bow to give it the welcoming factor your home needs! (This craft can even stay up during the winter holidays so you don't have to worry about taking it down) Hang it up on your door and embrace the fall season, y'all!

I hope you all have fun crafting, and come up with some of your own creative ideas! I will leaf you to enjoy this lovely fall season!  

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