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​For the last eight weeks, practically everyone I know, including myself, has spent their Fridays huddled around the TV watching WandaVision. However, Disney Plus' nine-episode show has ended, and the WandaVision era is sadly over. As we look back over the last eight weeks, we know there were times we laughed, smiled, questioned everything we knew and even cried. So, while it seems impossible to pick some of the best moments from WandaVision, these are simply five of the best scenes from a show that has three hundred and fifty minutes of TV gold.  [bf_image id="3cmhnzjrwsfgm63h59m2q23"]

The First Reverse 

In the first two episodes of WandaVision, we got to experience the wonderful bliss of '50s and '60s sitcoms with a little twist. It was already clear that something wasn't right, but nothing compares to when Wanda reverses the BeeKeeper, showing them kissing inside and the scene changing from black and white to color. I feel as if this scene starts to really spark the questions and makes us realize that Wanda is in charge. 

Monica Breaking Through the Hex

In WandaVision, Monica passed through the barrier more than anyone in the show. Darcy explains that each time Monica passes through the hex, it affects her genetic makeup on a molecular level. So, while there was a lot of fear surrounding Monica passing through the hex again, we instead were able to witness Monica's transition into a superhero. This scene sparks excitement for her quest to help Wanda and the future development of her character. 

"Wanda, Wanda...you didn't think you were the only magic girl in town, did you?"

This was the moment that I waited for all season long. I knew Agnes was suspicious, but I was DYING to know what her actual role in the show was. It was so fulfilling to see her take on the role of Agatha Harkness and, of course, to enjoy the musical tunes of "Agatha All Along." This scene was a big turning point in the show and set the tone for the final two episodes. 

The Birth of White Vision

In an after-credit scene, Tyler Hayward gives a nod and we watch as White Vision powers up and comes to life. It's immediately clear that this is not the Vision we know, but rather a weapon for Hayward's personal use. This scene leaves us patiently awaiting his arrival in Westview and curiously wondering what his role will be in the rest of the story. 

Vision and Wanda's Goodbye 

It would be insanely wrong to write a list of WandaVision's best moments without including Wanda and Vision's goodbye. The entire storyline of the show builds on their love and the indescribable grief that Wanda experiences due to her original loss of Vision, so when it comes time to officially say goodbye, the scene is heartbreaking. While Wanda was doing the right thing by removing the hex from Westview, it does not make the scene any less painful as she says goodbye to her sadness, hope and love. I know we are all hoping that they will one day say "hello again."

This was just a small glimpse into the WandaVision era, as it truly was a show packed full of beautiful lines, exciting costumes, lots of questions and countless memorable scenes. It will be one of those shows that people remember forever and I'm excited to see how Marvel takes on all the new storylines that this show created. 

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