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The 5 Best Scenes in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’


‘The Devil Wears Prada’ is one of those movies that every one should watch at least once in their life. A dramatic comedy about the prestigious fashion magazine, Runway, and its extremely intimidating and ruthless editor in chief, Miranda Priestly, it has so many quotable and ‘meme’-able moments. After watching the movie for the 15th time, I decided to pick out the top five scenes from the film.

1. Gird your loins

This renowned scene happens when Miranda Priestly, the editor in chief of Runway magazine, comes into work early and the staff rushes to prepare the office for her high standards.

One of the managers screams out to the crowd and yells, “Gird your loins,” in order for everyone to mentally prepare themselves for “the devil” who wears Prada.

2. Andy’s Makeover

Working at THE biggest fashion magazine in the world, the employees are expected to have a sense of style. However, Andy just wants the job for experience so she can pursue her career as a journalist.

This doesn’t cut it for the fashion director of the magazine, so with all the clothes and accessories at his disposal, he gives Andy a makeover.

3. The Blue Sweater

Miranda is being shown a series of clothes for a spread in the magazine, and one of the employees can’t choose between two belts that look incredibly similar. This makes Andy chuckle, gaining Miranda’s attention, causing her to school her on the fashion industry and her “blue sweater.” This moment is so legendary, a GIF is not enough! Click here to watch the full video. 

4. Andy Achieves Everything on Miranda’s List

Once given the job of Miranda’s assistant, Andy commits herself immensely and will do just about anything to stay on Miranda’s good side. Knowing this, Miranda gives Andy an INSANE list of errands, one of which is to get her a, mind you, unpublished, Harry Potter manuscript for her children.

Through her connections, Andy was able to not only achieve everything on the list but also get three copies of the novel –  two for the kids and one that she politely threw on Miranda’s desk. Iconic.

5. Everybody Wants to Be Us

Sadly, the movie concludes by Miranda stepping down from her position at Runway. She announces this at a charity gala reception and shocks everyone, including her trusty assistant, Andy. After being so invested in her job, she is devastated, and on the drive home, Miranda explains to Andy that, “everyone wants to be us.” Click here, to watch the clip.

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