4 Ways to Have a Fulfilling Summer

Most of us believe that to have a fulfilling summer you need to travel or do all of the "fancy stuff." As college students, sometimes we aren't able to travel and do all those expensive activities. Here are four ways we can all have a fulfilling summer:

  1. 1. Rediscover your town

    No matter how long you've been living somewhere, there are always golden nuggets to be found. Around the corner, you could discover the next coffee shop, aesthetically pleasing wall or a nice trail to wander. Take the time this summer to rediscover where you live!

  2. 2. Catch up on some reading or journaling

    Focusing on our weekly assignments may make us too exhausted to divulge in some leisure time. Summer is the perfect time to grab a book or a journal and get busy. This can not only help to relieve stress but also to realign our thoughts and motivation.

  3. 3. Try something new

    A lot of times we can find ourselves too busy to try anything new. Summertime is meant for you to feel inspired, from learning to play an instrument to discovering a new hobby or even finding new things to cook at home or in your dorm. Go try that something new you've been wanting to get involved in. Better late than never right?

  4. 4. Overcome your fears

    This one is a little similar to trying something new but on a different level. We tend to hear people say that we should try and do one thing a day that scares us. Summer is a pretty great time to overcome even your smallest fears, such as your fear of heights. You might find that you actually enjoy something once you've gotten over that fear. This is also a great way to empower yourself.

Overall, use summer as a time to invest in yourself and what you love. Take advantage of the free moments, fill them with the happiest of times, and indulge in the little things. Cheers to a wicked summer!

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