4 Unique Ice Cream Places in Orlando

We all know the best way to cool off in Florida's scorching July heat is with frozen treats like ice cream. Luckily for us, back in 1984, President Ronald Reagan declared that the third Sunday in July would be National Ice Cream Day. And surprise, that day is today! There are several really unique places to get ice cream here in Orlando, and they're even offering some sweet deals for the day. You've come to the right place to get the inside scoop!

  1. 1. Greenery Creamery

    420 E Church St. Unit 112

    Orlando, Florida 32801

    Located in the center of downtown, Greenery Creamery has the power to win the heart of any hipster. There's a variety of flavors, from classics like Belgian chocolate to more exotic flavors like Ube. Of course, there are plenty of vegan options for people who'd prefer them. When I came in, they even had a few space-themed ice creams for "Nerd Night."

    Today, Greenery Creamery is offering buy one, get one soft serve. So you can go and treat a friend, or treat yourself to two (we won't judge). Honestly, the ice cream here is so tasty that the latter option is very tempting.

  2. 2. Frozen Nitrogen Ice Cream

    4498 N Alafaya Trail, Suite 330

    Orlando, Florida 32826

    After conquering a brutal exam on campus, go across the street to Frozen, where they concoct fresh ice cream within minutes. Custom made to order, Frozen has figured out the perfect chemical equation to develop the creamiest ice cream using nitrogen.

    The deal for National Ice Cream Day is $2 ice cream (not including mix-ins) from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

  3. 3. Kelly's Homemade Ice Cream

    3114 Corrine Dr.

    Orlando, Florida 32803


    1817 Fern Creek Ave.

    Orlando, Florida 32803

    The sky truly is the limit when it comes to flavors in this classic ice cream shop! They have so many flavors that they’re always rotating between, but classics like Ore-Dough and Cake Batter n’ Sprinkles remain staples on their menu. They’re so aware of their endless choice of options that they even offer an ice cream flight so that you can take your taste buds on four different adventures⁠—all at once!

    Another chance you have to try everything all at once is today on National Ice Cream Day. For the day, Kelly’s is offering $1 scoops of ice cream in a cup, cake or sugar cone from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

  4. 4. ICE NY Rolled Ice Cream

    4954 New Broad St.

    Orlando, Florida 32814

    Enjoy the scenic views of Baldwin Park as you make your way to this ice cream shop. ICE NY has perfected rolled ice cream, which is also known as Thailand's traditional stir-fried ice cream. Essentially, they mix everything together when you order and you can watch as they spread it across an ice pan to "fry" right before your eyes. Once the solution has solidified, they roll it up for you to enjoy!

    You might've seen rolled ice cream featured on a few food blogs, so you know this is how the cool kids are beating the heat. When they're offering buy one, get one half-off their seasonal flavors only, there's no better time to try this unique treat! 

Living in Orlando has given us so many options when it comes to new flavors, forms and toppings. The only real question left is which one will you be posting on Instagram for National Ice Cream Day?

All images provided by author.