4 UCF Facebook Groups You Should Know About

University of Central Florida has more savings and opportunities to offer than what our school and student government brings to the table. Student run Facebook groups like these are a new venue for awesome savings and a bulletin board of opportunities for the UCF community!

UCF Craigslist

This group is definitely a great resource for finding and selling pretty much anything and everything. Like the name suggests it’s pretty much a Craigslist group, but it’s run by UCF students and offers are from UCF students for UCF students. This takes out the sketchiness of meeting with strangers. You can meet up with students on campus and exchange all sorts of goods!



Free & For Sale

As the name suggests on this page, anything free and for sale is posted here, pretty much like the Craigslist group there is a wide range of items posted on here daily. Recently seen on here, a guy with some extra cash looking for some good karma hid a $100 bill in a book in library with some clues for anyone to find. Unfortunately no one found it, but he donated it to the homeless. Posts like this have been seen periodically and who can pass up free money?


UCF Textbook Exchange

Instead of heading to the infamously expensive UCF Bookstore at the beginning of next semester, check out this page before paying full price for your textbooks. Most students are just looking to get the best return on their books. With all the book stores offering $5 for the book you originally spent $100 on, you might find someone willing to work with you on price. Definitely a great resource to save some money!
TIP: Ask your teacher if you’re able to use an older edition of the textbook, they usually have the exact same content. Students that have the older versions might sell for SUPER cheap (or free) because no bookstore will buy it back and they just want it off their bookshelf.


Jobs & Internships

After heading to the Office of Experiential Learning head to this page for the latest student postings of jobs and internships around Orlando. If you’re just looking for a part time job to get you through the holidays, someone here might know of a job out there for you, just ask! Students in this group are more than willing to let you know of a position they know of or somewhere that’s looking for someone like you!