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The 4 Transitions from Spring Break to Reality

Spring Break just ended and you find yourself lying in bed, a suitcase full of clothes on the floor, and no willpower to do anything but complain about all of the school work you have coming your way. Unfortunately, we are all in the same boat (or cruise ship if you will). Once you get past the stage of pure and utter procrastination, you transition into the whining stage where everything productive that you start to do comes with a bitter remark. We are ALL currently in the same situation, even those who spent Spring Break binge watching Netflix and eating leftover pizza every day for breakfast. I’m not going to lie; the transition back to reality will be tough. It may come with a lot of whining and sluggish behavior, but it’s doable!

Transition 1: The Clothes

(Side note: transition 1 is not for the Netflix watchers referred to earlier in this article.) This might be the hardest transition. You have to actually get up, take the clothes from your suitcase, and put them back in your closet. It is definitely no secret that unpacking is one of the most hated activities of all time. Unpacking easily becomes a reason why some people prefer not to take trips. Well, this time you took the trip. Just think, once all of your clothes are safely put away in their designated spots, you won’t have to think about this transition ever again! That is, until Spring Break comes around next year.

Transition 2: The Drinks

                (Side note: transition 2 should not be a concern for those under 21.) Oh, the drinks you’ve drank. Spring Break is known for its craziness. That craziness comes primarily from the alcoholic beverages you consumed. Sorry to break it to you, but that koozie of yours needs to find its way to a water bottle real fast. As painful as this may be, you need recovery time. A good week or so of drinking nothing but hydrating liquids will have you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world, or at least the rest of the week, in no time! If transition 2 scares you, don’t worry. It isn’t that bad in the grand scheme of things. The weekend is right around the corner and regular outings to the bar will still be the norm.

Transition 3: The Sleep Schedule

                (Side note: transition 3 definitely applies to everybody reading this.) Lets’ face it; you probably only got 20 total hours of sleep this whole Spring Break. Sure, 20 hours may seem like a lot, but divide that number by 7 days and you’re rethinking most of the choices you made this past week. To be able to function is to be able to say you’re not sleep deprived. It may take a few naps, or maybe a bedtime of 9:30pm, but trust me it’ll be worth it.

Transition 4: The Work Load

                (Side note: transition 4 is the last transition and this side note was not at all necessary.) Whether this work load is school, a job, or both, transitioning from having nothing to do to having everything to do can be quite overwhelming. This is where you are going to need a few breathing techniques for stress-relief and a whole lot of coffee to stay ahead of the game. Just think of this transition as a practice for finals week. You may want throw away your textbooks, bang your head against the wall, and call it day. You may actually do that. No matter which direction it goes, just remember that it will only take a few days to get back in the swing of things. That work load will start to seem so miniscule that you won’t even remember how hard it was to get to that point.

                If you’re still lying in bed after reading this — which I assume you are — close the computer and get started on those transitions! The longer you wait the less effective each transition becomes. It’s not worth becoming even more behind than you clearly already are. It may be tough, but hey, you survived Spring Break didn’t you? 

Shannon is a Junior at UCF studying Communications and Magazine Journalism. She enjoys laughing, traveling, taking photos, and being a foodie. In her spare time you can find Shannon watching Friends re-runs or blogging. She loves bagels, fashion, listening to throwbacks, and channeling her inner Blake Lively! Follow her on Twitter & Instagram
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