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4 Takeaways From ‘A Million Little Things’ Season One

Warning: Spoilers for Season One of “A Million Little Things”

ABC’s new TV show, “A Million Little Things,” gained popularity over its 17-episode first season. Jon, a husband, father, friend and “successful” businessman, commits suicide. The series follows his friends and family throughout their grieving process, unraveling the reasons behind his death. This show was (thankfully) renewed for a second season. However, even just watching the first, it’s hard not to learn a couple of things along the way. Jon’s death, unfortunate as it was, reminded the audience and his loved ones just how important these little lessons are.

1. Don’t give up, even if the future is scary.

Every single one of the characters in this show has struggles of their own. Whether it be Rome’s own (almost) suicide attempt, Maggie fighting cancer or Eddy’s doubts about his musical career, these characters continuously remind everyone to put their best foot forward. If Rome had swallowed those pills, he would have never taken on the role of one of Sophie and Danny’s fake fathers following Jon’s death. If Maggie had quit her battle against cancer, she would never have a new “forever” with Gary. If Eddy had completely given up music, he would have never been able to tour again. Giving up would have meant there wasn’t a possibility of all these bright futures—and many others—that the characters ended up having. After Jon’s death, it became more apparent to everyone, audience and loved ones alike, that giving up was no longer an option. Don’t let the doubt take control—fight for the future you want.

2.  Everyone handles grief differently.

Our girl Maggie taught us this lesson. While everyone was mourning Jon’s loss, they all did it in their own ways. Gary’s grief focused more on the frustration phase, while Jon’s family (including his wife Delilah and children, Sophie and Danny) stayed primarily in the depression stage. Grief is not something that is “one size fits all.” Each person goes through their own process of missing Jon and figuring themselves out after his death. Watching the character progression of everyone handling their grief throughout the show made me remember that the grieving process is different for everyone. No one should be rushed, and everyone needs to learn how to move on at their own pace.

3. Cherish your time with loved ones while you have the chance.

Of course, the main plot line throughout this show is the fact that Jon committed suicide. When all his friends and loved ones processed this, there was a common theme among them: they all wished they had spent more time together. The men wished they could have one last hockey game together. The family wished they could have one last meal together. Ashley wished she could have one more conversation together. All they wanted was time together. However, there was no bringing Jon back. All the times that they would have had together were no longer a possibility. When watching this season, remember that every moment with people you care about is precious. Spend time with them while you have the chance.

4. “Friendship isn’t one thing, it’s a million little things.”

I couldn’t make this list without reminding everyone of the show’s tagline. Through all the twists and turns of their friendships, these friends manage to stick together. Friendship may not always be easy, but it’s well worth the fight. Jon proved that no matter how bad of a spot he was in, he always made sure his friends (and family) knew how much he cared about them. He cared more about others than he did himself. Remember when watching this heart-wrenching show that friendship is so much more than laughter and good times It’s considering others needs and ensuring you are there for them, even when it’s hard. Jon would have done anything for the people he cared about and his friends continuously proved after his death that they would have done the same for him, too.

This show was not only thought-provoking and heartbreaking but also incredibly eye-opening. These lessons can be taken to all walks of life, not just a TV show. I cannot wait to see what the writers have in store for season two. If it’s is anything like the first, we are in for many more emotional and enlightening episodes.

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Lauren is a senior at the University of Central Florida. She is pursuing a Legal Studies major and a Sociology minor. Her career goal is to be a guardian ad litem attorney for children in the foster care system. When she isn't blasting her music (Taylor Swift and Jake Miller primarly), you can find her bingewatching Shane Dawson Youtube videos or eating way too many french fries. She has 3 dogs who she loves with all her heart. She loves to volunteer with kids and animals. Her favorite (non domesticated) animal is a panda bear, her favorite colors are pink and blue, and she is pretty sure she's the next Disney princess. She's very politically involved and loves writing. Feel free to keep up with her on social media!
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