4 Tailgating Alternatives to Try This Football Season

With football season kicking off on the right foot, a major part of football culture is tailgating. To tailgate is defined as: "host or attend a social gathering at which an informal meal is served from the back of a parked vehicle, typically in the parking lot of a sports stadium." To simplify it: booze and BBQ. On game day, tons of people take over Memory Mall and you find yourself amongst mass chaos of people and loud music. For some, this is the epitome of what tailgating should be, while others would rather do something else. Here are four alternatives to tailgating:

  1. 1. Experiment with Game Day Looks

    One of the best parts of getting ready for a game is dressing the part. You want your fit to embody your school spirit, especially if goes with the #UCFansWear theme of that game. Grab your friends and host a pre-game fashion show to show off your game day looks!

  2. 2. Grab a Bite

    For all the foodies out there, grab a bite before the game. It's important to energize yourself before cheering on your team! Try out a new place to eat with some friends—maybe you'll find it's your new favorite spot.

  3. 3. Party at Your Place

    Karaoke? Dancing? Great food? All are essential to throwing your own bash in the comfort of your own home. This is perfect if you're more of a homebody or if the crowds at Memory Mall generally aren't for you. Hosting your own party can be more fun, anyway!

  4. 4. Go Bowling or Skating  

    You definitely don't want to exert your energy before a football game but going bowling, skating or something along those lines can totally get you hyped! It gives you something exciting to do with your friends so that you aren't just sitting on the couch waiting to walk to the game. Get your blood pumping before and carry that energy with you throughout each quarter of the game!

You could be walking down a makeshift runway, partying at your place or discovering a new hangout spot. There are so many other options to enjoy your version of pre-gaming and tailgating. Whatever you have the most fun doing, grab some friends and go get ready to cheer our team on!

And don't forget to carry that "Go Knights, Charge On" attitude with you wherever you go!

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