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4 Reasons Kevin Jonas Needs More Love

With the comeback of our three favorite brothers comes new debate over who’s the ‘best.’ Growing up, I was admittedly a Joe-girl through and through. Something about him starring in Camp Rock and having to listen to “Cake by the Ocean” over and over and over again for my marching band halftime show made me a bit partial to the middle brother. Recently, when I felt like I needed a good cry, I put on Chasing Happiness, the documentary that shows the Jonas Brothers’ lives, and I realized something. In the time that I spent obsessing over Mr. Joe Jonas, I never paid much attention to the oldest of the three. And now? Well, I’ve had a change of heart. Now that I’m ~grown~ and have lived a bit more, I have a newly gained appreciation for Kevin. 

And you know what?

We all need to gain one too.  

He is literally the glue of the group.

Now, I’m by no means here to say that Nick’s talents on the guitar go unnoticed. However, all those cool riffs and scales in “Burning Up,” “Year 3000” and “Rollercoaster” wouldn’t be possible without our main man on all different kinds of guitars. Not only does Kevin just play the guitar, but he also performs through his guitar. He brings a new level of energy to each show, and let’s be honest here, do you really like the lyrics to “Year 3000” more than you like the background music? Either way, the sound that is the Jonas Brothers wouldn’t be possible without him.

He and his wife are actual couple goals.

Okay, now I’m not one of those people who idolize celebrity couples. But I am one of those people who loves love. Every social media post just oozes love and admiration and it’s obvious how much they mean to one another. It’s a small reminder that we should all be striving to find someone who loves us just as much as they love one another. 

He does not ‘bring them down.’

When you google Kevin Jonas, you might notice that one of the top questions reads: what does Kevin contribute to the Jonas Brothers? Um, aside from the obvious (literally being a Jonas brother), he completes the group. Musically, he provides all the amazing sounds we love to dance along to. As a human, he brings new levels of humor, kindness and a humbling sort of air to the brothers. If you’ve seen Chasing Happiness, you know what I mean when I say that he’s not afraid to speak out on how being known for not singing has made him feel. And in this new era of everyone’s favorite trio, we all need to do better to appreciate him.

He forgave his brothers when stardom got to their head.

No spoilers for Chasing Happiness, I promise, but we do need to talk about how Kevin is able to look past his brothers’ solo careers and the mess that came with that music festival. The whole fiasco between the years of the band’s breakup and their 2019 reunion were some of the hardest times for Kevin. Even today the thoughts of “do I really need to be here?” seem to linger. If there’s anything we can learn about how Kevin is treated by the music industry, it’s that we all need to treat one another with a little bit more kindness.

Alright girls, fan wars over our JoBros aside, it’s about time we start spreading the love equally between all three (four, technically, hi Frankie)! We’re all growing up and we all probably know what it feels like to have been the “odd one out” at some point or another. Let’s remember that we wouldn’t have had this reunion if it wasn’t for Kevin, and let’s start giving him the recognition he deserves. 

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