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Maskne — a new household term combining "mask" and "acne" — is something we've all grown to learn and love. While saying "love" might be a bit of a stretch, maskne is the new common problem we are facing due to constant mask-wearing. Mask requirements don't seem to be going away anytime soon and, by extension, neither does maskne. Over the past few months, I’ve discovered a few things that have helped to lower the amount of mask-related acne I get, and it only felt right to share. 

Get a cloth face mask

A cloth face mask truly has been one of the more beneficial changes I’ve made. The medical mask was one of the main things giving me maskne — the fibers of the mask aided in irritating my skin. Switching to a cloth face mask and washing it after each day of use has helped to limit irritation. Be mindful of the laundry detergent you use while using a cloth mask, however. Personally, I normally use the Arm & Hammer Sensitive Free & Clear, and I haven’t noticed it causing irritation to my face. The cloth mask I love the most is from American Eagle! It came in a set with a matching scrunchie, because who wouldn't love that? 

Simplify your skincare routine

Usually, my skincare routine is packed with various different active ingredients and everything is just fine. However, according to The New York Times, while wearing a mask product delivery will be intensified. When I reduced my skincare routine to be as effective as possible while using as little product as I could, I found that my skin was starting to clear up. I just use Vanicream cleanser, hyaluronic acid, SPF and moisturizer in the daytime, and leave all active ingredients for the nighttime.

Spot treat under your mask

Okay, I know I literally just said to not use anything with an active ingredient under your mask, but there are other ways to spot treat. Pimple patches are the best ways to do that under your mask. You can buy some that are basically invisible and then they will really be hidden from everyone.


One of my favorite tips that I've learned while watching Skincare by Hyram videos on YouTube is that it’s very important to properly moisturize at night, especially before wearing a mask. Our skin loses moisture quicker when we are experiencing acne or breakouts, so it's no secret that maskne is dehydrating our skin. I like to use hyaluronic acid at night before going in with my night cream to help my skin be as moisturized as possible. This has also shown almost immediate improvement in my maskne.

Don't ever feel discouraged if something isn't working for your skin! Changes in skincare routines won't always effectively show huge differences right away, and it can take up to a few weeks to show results. Trust me when I say that skincare is a journey and perfect skin is hard to come by. 

Jenna is currently a Senior at the University of Central Florida majoring in Legal Studies. When she isn't reading the most current political update, she's watching the newest crime doc on Netflix or watching skincare videos on Youtube. Her greatest dream is to spend the rest of her life playing around with makeup.
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