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4 Halloween Horror Nights Tips for First-Timers

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Spooky season is finally upon us and that means Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando is in full swing! In case you didn’t know already, Halloween Horror Nights is a nighttime event that features haunted houses, scare zones, thrilling live entertainment, and exclusive food and drinks! For Floridians, it’s basically tradition to go every year.

I’ve regrettably never built up the courage to go to Halloween Horror Nights until this year. I’m a big scaredy cat who doesn’t enjoy horror movies, so I was always too afraid. This year I decided to force myself to go and I was extremely surprised by how much I loved it! The houses were breathtaking, the food was delicious, and the scare actors did some great jump scares! I know that the thought of going to Halloween Horror Nights for the first time can be intimidating for some people, so here are some tips to help alleviate your worries and make your trip much easier.

Bring a friend

As the Halloween Horror Nights tagline goes: Never Go Alone. Major props to those brave enough to go alone, but for a first-timer, it’s best to bring someone along to share a scream with! When it comes to the houses, it’s especially nice to have someone to hold on to.

know when to go

Fridays and Saturdays are honestly the worst days to go because of how busy it is, not to mention that tickets are more expensive. Instead, try going on a Wednesday or a Sunday. There are fewer crowds during these days which makes the whole experience more enjoyable!

Take advantage of STAY & SCREAM

If you only plan on going to Halloween Horror Nights for one day, it’s best to go early so that you can maximize your time. If you have annual passes you can do their “scream early” option for free, which lets you stay in one of the designated stay and scream areas so that you can be one of the first people in line for some of the houses. People in the stay and scream areas are let into the park earlier than people at the gate, so you’ll be able to take advantage of the extra time and knock out some houses before the crowds even come in!

scare zones too scary? Use the sidewalk

If you aren’t keen on the thought of walking through the scare zones and having the scare actors right in your personal space, this tip is for you! A good idea is to simply walk on the sidewalk rather than on the main walkways. While you might get some bone-chilling stares, the scare actors don’t physically go onto the sidewalks, so they won’t be bothering you there!

The beauty of Halloween Horror Nights is that it can be a different experience for everyone! It’s definitely an event that I believe people should go to at least once in their life, whether they get scared or not. With all the unique houses and thrills, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing time. Happy Halloween!

Carissa is a senior majoring in Communication with a focus in business. When she's not writing, she loves to spend her free time online shopping, reading romance books, traveling, and going to theme parks!