4 Hacks to Keep Your Makeup Lasting All Day

After spending time and effort on your makeup look, you don't want it to wipe away after stepping outside for two minutes. Here are some tips and tricks to battle the summer heat and humidity and help your makeup last all day:

1. Make sure your products mix properly

One of the first things we learned in middle school chemistry was that water and oil do not mix. Not only is this applicable to lab work and cooking, but to makeup and skincare as well.

Using an oil as a moisturizer before foundation gives you a nice glow and hydrates your skin. However, pay attention to the ingredients of your face makeup. If your concealer or foundation is water-based, the makeup is going to slip and slide on your face - and by the time you reach Florida’s humidity, the look will be gone. So, make sure that your skincare is compatible with your makeup so it blends and melts together seamlessly.

2. The perfect sunscreen

You should NEVER skip sunscreen, even if it's a rainy day. The UV rays are sneaky and still reach your skin leading to sunburns, fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. But, a lot of women do not like wearing sunscreen with makeup as it sometimes gives a white cast in flash photography. Do not fear! A sunscreen hack is here!

Wearing makeup that has built-in SPF will add a small preventative layer, but in this Florida summer, it's sometimes not strong enough. Finding a skincare-based sunscreen will not only help avoid breakouts, hydrate your skin, and protect it from the sun, but it is able to blend with makeup better, thereby avoiding the white cast. Ta-da!

3. Finding the proper primer

With the world of Instagram and ever-changing makeup trends, certain products tend to get trendy and the packaging and marketing can seem too cute not to buy! But do a little research before jumping to buy the product, because it may not be good for your personal skin type.

This can especially be the case for primers. For example, some people are tempted to buy primers that add a glow to the skin, but if you have oily skin it may not be the best idea. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a glow, though! Using a primer that calms the oils, applying face makeup, and then using makeup to add a glow is a great alternative that does not bother your skin.

With the right primer, your skin will be properly prepped for the makeup, thereby blending it together and allowing it to last longer.

4. Setting powder and setting spray

Setting sprays and powders are renowned products used by celebrity makeup artists and Instagram/YouTube gurus to help makeup last longer. But, not everyone knows how beneficial it can be to use both!

Once you apply all of your cream/liquid products, set them with a loose or pressed powder, and keep in mind it'a okay to add a little extra powder because the spray will diffuse and melt it. Then to mesh all the makeup together, spray your entire face with a setting spray. If you know you will be out in the heat and humidity, try using Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray - your makeup will not BUDGE.

Whether you love a full glam or simple natural makeup look, trying out these tips will help your makeup last all day. And don’t worry, these should even help if “he takes you swimming on the first date.” 

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