4 Graduation Cap Ideas

The time has finally come. No more essays, discussion posts or late-night cram sessions. You made it! Congratulations on graduating. Now that you’ve gotten the degree, you're faced with the biggest decision for graduation day: your graduation cap. Not only was the tassel worth the hassle, but your cap is a chance to show your personality as you walk across the stage. Pinterest is full of cute ideas, but if your graduation is right around the corner, here's a lineup of some possible themes and designs!



  1. 1. Movie/TV Show Quotes

    From Legally Blonde to The Office, you can never go wrong with using your favorite movie or series that you binge-watched through your four years. You can use a quote that represents your college career, such as my favorite from The Office: "Sometimes I'll start a sentence, and I don't even know where it's going. I just hope I find it along the way." This quote represents the unpredictability of college and the struggles that we managed to get through! As for movies, there are endless possibilities, from Disney classics to putting a spin on movie titles. Some of my personal favorites include "Still totally Clueless" and "To Infinity and Beyond" (for an inspirational Toy Story tribute). 

  2. 2. Major Puns

    I wish there were more puns for communications majors because I think this idea is cute and quirky! It seems like lawyers and those in the medical field are the lucky ones because there are a lot of puns for them to use. My favorite one for the medical field is based on a famous quote from Doctor Shepard: “It’s a beautiful day to graduate.” This can show off your love for the show, but it's also an uplifting message. For psychology majors, “I chose the psychopath” is a cute play on words! 

  3. 3. Give Thanks

    It’s a blessing that we have such amazing support systems to help us through our college careers! Your grad cap is a nice way to show everyone how much you appreciate all that they’ve done for you. From pictures to shoutouts, they’re a meaningful way to decorate your cap.

  4. 4. Humor

    You can never go wrong with a good laugh for a grad cap design. This is a chance to show your personality and creativity. If you want a unique idea, come up with your own quirky saying or pick one that fits you!

    "I WINEd a lot, but I made it"

    "Y’all hiring?"

    "I’m done with this B.S."

    These are just some of the many humorous grad cap quotes that you can pick from!

After four years of memories, your graduation cap is where you can show what you’ve been through and hopefully where you’re headed! These designs and themes will help you find the grad cap style that suits you the best. Pick a design and make it your own! 

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