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3 Tips on Surviving Online Classes During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The United States is in the midst of a pandemic. Toilet paper is flying off the shelves, there are no more sit-down restaurants and Amazon is thriving. But many college students are not because we have all been sent home in the middle of the semester to complete all our coursework online. Between the nightmares that are Zoom lectures and not being able to study anywhere except our bedroom or the porch, any semblance of a regular routine has been eliminated. That’s why I’m sharing three things that have helped me not miss deadlines and stay sane during the corona chaos.

Add structure to your day!

As a chronic procrastinator, having solely online courses does not help my already poor time management skills. That’s why it is vital to create some sort of structure and schedule for each day while you practice social distancing. Staying up until 3 a.m. every night watching TikToks will not aid in your productivity, believe it or not. However, make sure you don’t only have things like “work” or “school” in your schedule. Block out time for breaks, things you enjoy and going outside so that you don’t wake up in the morning and think you have nothing to look forward to.

Check. Your. Email.

Because professors and students are working exclusively from home, you will only receive communications from your professor in a few ways. Maybe you have weekly Zoom calls, or maybe you’re a little too comfortable with your instructor and they text you. However, everyone uses email, so you should too! And you should check it. Every day. Important and sometimes urgent information is sent to your school email, so check it more than once a day to make sure you’re not going to miss any assignments or updates.

Use your resources.

Although many universities offer tutoring via Skype and professors are holding virtual office hours, these times are limited, and many students prefer being taught face-to-face. Being assisted with schoolwork in person might not be possible for the next month, but there are countless online resources for almost every course subject. Videos from Khan Academy can help you ace your math class and Crash Course has your back for history and science. When you are trying to grasp a difficult concept, hearing and seeing it explained by a different source than your textbook can be useful, so explore the resources the Internet has to offer!

Sleeping in your childhood bedroom and living with your parents again may leave you feeling confused and thrown off, but your grades shouldn’t suffer for it. By following a schedule, keeping that inbox clean and utilizing the mind of Sal Kahn, you can be productive in any room of the house. Take advantage of the free food, laundry and lodging, and finish your semester strong!

Kristina is a senior majoring in Finance with a minor in Psychology. When she's not at a coffee shop or going for a run, you can catch her suffering at the library questioning her life choices. She loves watching college football and writing for HerCampus!
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