3 Reasons Why 'Frozen 2' Is Superior

Everyone at this point has to have seen the first Frozen film. We know the beautiful story of Queen Elsa coming to terms with her powers and rekindling her relationship with her quirky sister, Princess Anna. However, the story did not end there. While there are shorts that take place after the events of the original film like Frozen Fever and Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, we now have something even better than all three of those combined: Frozen 2. There are many things that make this one film superior to one full-length movie and two animated shorts, but here are a few reasons that are worth noting.

  1. 1. The Music

    The music in this film has a more Broadway feel to it, which is a bit different than the very much Disney princess style it had in the first film. Apart from the production, if the lyrics didn’t make you cry or laugh, is everything okay? Were you paying attention? Most importantly, do you have a heart? Anyway, all of the songs in the movie are amazing in their own way. The best ones, in my opinion, are "Show Yourself" and "Lost in the Woods." You get your laugh with Kristoff’s oh-so-dramatic 80s ballad and then you get "Show Yourself," the chills up your spine, cry in the corner song. What more could you ask from a film, other than range? In all honesty, I’m sorry "Let It Go," but you’ve been bested by the true bop, "Show Yourself."

  2. 2. The Transformations

    The transformations are what makes this movie so amazing. Each character undergoes a sort of transformation in the Enchanted Forest. Anna is forced to learn how to stand on her own, out from behind Elsa’s protective shadow, once she learns that her sister has "gone too far" and "has to do this next part on her own." Kristoff becomes comfortable with having a separate life from Anna, despite their love for each other. He learns that even if they aren’t on the same path for a moment, the road will always lead them back to each other. Olaf goes through a special transformation, as he is now navigating his way to emotional maturity. He honestly has no clue what that means, but you know that it will all make sense when he’s older so, naturally, it’s fine. It’s okay to be puzzled by the world and your place in it — there is no rush and everyone adapts at their own pace.

    Now, Elsa has one of the most impactful transformations in the film. She essentially finds herself and her place. She goes to Ahtohallan as an uncertain young woman looking for answers and she leaves stronger, more confident and at peace. Based on this film, I don’t necessarily think the swirling storm inside Elsa stopped stirring after the first film — I think it became a bit calmer as she learned to live with it. But now the storm has completely vanished and all that’s left is a beautiful blanket of snow. She is found.

    All of these transformations can be relevant in someone’s life and that’s how they touch the hearts of every audience member. The first film did have a heartwarming change, but this one had changes that adapted as the audience did. Frozen was released in late 2013 when most of us were young teenagers. We fell in love with the movie, just as the rest of the world did. The movie was fun, fresh and the real, emotionally charged moments didn’t last for very long. On the other hand, I would say Frozen 2 is almost the opposite. It grew up, just as we did. It focuses on issues that many of us face in our early adulthood now, and that’s what makes it special.

  3. 3. Bruni, The Fire Spirit

    To end on a light note, isn’t this little guy the cutest? Yes, Sven is already adorable, but Bruni is even more adorable, and having them together in one movie gives Frozen 2 an edge on Frozen.

In all honesty, Frozen 2 was the perfect way to tie together the most unanswered questions from the first film while building on the characters and making them even more dynamic and lovable than they were before.

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