3 Gilmore Girls Revival Theories That Will Keep You Up at Night

I can't believe this moment has almost arrived. The moment when we finally get the four glorious revival episodes of our favorite early 2000’s show, Gilmore Girls. Being that we were left with quite the cliffhanger, many of us have burning questions about where this series is going to take us. Where will we find our favorite characters after many years have gone by? How much will things have changed? Or maybe, how little have things changed?

Well since we can't know for sure until November 25th, let's take some time to discuss the biggest theories our fellow fans have conjured.

1. The Wedding

Photos from the set have leaked indicating that a wedding will occur in the four-part installment. The big question is whose wedding is it? Lorelai? Rory? Emily…? (It has been theorized she finds someone after Richard's passing *tears*.) Some have even gone to say the wedding could be a dream of Lorelai’s. She has been known to have dreams about her romantic future. Let me remind you of when she dreamed she was pregnant with Luke’s baby before they were even dating. Whoever’s wedding it is, real or fantasized, it can be expected to be glorious. Gilmore Girls does not skimp on ceremonious occasions. The townspeople of Stars Hollow know how to get down.

2. The Pregnancy

So many theories are circulating regarding a pregnancy on the show. What sparked this rumor is the image above that was shared on the official Gilmore Girls Instagram. In the reflection of the mirror you can see what many assume to be a stroller. The obvious first choices for the mom-to-be are Lorelai or Rory. If it was Lorelai, I feel it is pretty safe to say the baby would be Luke's. I can get behind this theory fairly easily but many debunk Lorelai's potential pregnancy saying she is too old. (Rude but kind of true...) Rory, on the other hand, is more likely to be pregnant if this theory comes to fruition. She is young and her former flings are set to make appearances in the revival. This leaves plenty of opportunities for baby-making. But if we endorse this theory then we have to ask ourselves the bigger question: Who’s the father?

3. The One

It seems when the series ended we left Rory single. But after all these years is she ready to mingle? Maybe with Jess or maybe in London with Logan? Many have kicked Dean off the list because Jared Padalecki was only available for one day of filming due to his super busy schedule with CW's Supernatural. Not enough time to win Rory back and have their happily ever after. This I am fine with. The real problem is I can't choose whether I want her to end up with Jess or Logan. Jess and Rory have an undeniable chemistry. She missed Lorelai's graduation to spend time with him. That is huge! But will it translate after all these years? Would she go back to him? They seem pretty cozy in the revival trailer. But is that romantic cozy? Ehhh.

Now with Logan, she seemed to explore a new freer side of herself. Lots of Life and Death Brigade chaos. Yet, at the end of season 7, both were heading in different directions, neither willing to compromise. Has anything changed for them? After trying to go their separate ways, do they decide to reunite? So many questions... A big indicator toward the Logan possibility is Rory spends some time in London during the revival. Guess who else is in London? Logan. There is even an obscure theory that Logan and Rory got married and divorced before we encounter our favorite characters for season 8. But I'm not feeling that theory too much.   


Whatever theories you believe and/or are hoping will come true, I have good news. The wait is almost over! Our burning questions will soon be answered and we can stop speculating and rejoice in the path that this series takes our favorite mother-daughter duo. Clear your schedule on November 25th and get ready to binge watch this Black Friday! I guess none of us are going Black Friday shopping this year...


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