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3 Clean Korean Skincare Brands You Need to Try

Korean skincare was introduced to the world with a boom. Now, there are so many Korean skincare brands popping up in the market that it might get just a little bit overwhelming when trying to make a decision about which brand to get, which ones are known for their innovation and promotion of minimal products as well as natural ones. Many of you are probably on the search for products that are as natural as possible, as well as products that use as little of the harsh chemicals that could strip the skin as well. Sensitive skin types probably have the most difficulty finding a brand that uses minimal ingredients and well as ingredients that won’t trigger any skin issues.

Here are some very well known skincare lines that work hard to be environmentally friendly, affordable and are definitely cruelty-free as well!



Klairs is a relatively new cosmetic and skincare line, only being in the market for a few years now—but its brand has already become very well-known. This company is known for having gentle ingredients that would delight even the most sensitive of skin types. Some brands like to add fragrance to their products to enhance the appeal, but Klairs, on the other hand, stays far away from that type of marketing since some fragrances can trigger skin issues no matter how alluring they are to the nose.

This Korean brand focuses on ensuring that their products contain “raw” ingredients that are as natural and minimal as possible without the alcohol and extreme chemicals, so as to not irritate extremely sensitive skin types. Their toner is especially well-known globally.

Pkunkang Yul

Developed by a clinic in Seoul, Korea, this brand gets straight to the point with its products, both in packaging as well as ingredients. It’s been around for 40 years and focuses on oriental dermatology. Korean brands are all about innovation and researching and implementing the newest discoveries, but Pkunkang Yul focuses primarily on honing centuries worth of reliable and traditional Korean ingredients. This skincare line focuses on protecting the skin and uses medicinal knowledge to produce the most soothing ingredients. It really is a sensitive skin type’s dream come true. 


A’Pieu is also a very new cosmetic brand that’s hit the market. It’s the sister brand of an older and renowned skincare line called Missha. This brand is marketed towards the younger generation while its sister brand focuses on aging skin.

A’Pieu centers around products that are easy to use and minimal since its name literally originates from the French word “basic.” Its aim is to be as natural to the skin as possible, releasing products that contain about 95 percent of organic ingredients. That’s right—they may be new to the scene but they’re in it to win it with ingredients that are as natural as possible, as well as affordable. 

Be sure to check out some of these products if you’re looking for all natural Korean skincare!

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