25 Thoughts You Had While Making a Fraternity Cooler as Told by the Kardashians

It’s formal season and you know what that means…you have to make that dreaded cooler. The idea of making a cooler sounds great…until you actually have to make one. So here’s what you were probably thinking while you were painting your beloved cooler. Can you imagine if one of the Kardashian’s had to make one?! I would pay good money to see that happen.

1. I’m so excited to make this cooler, it’s totally going to be the best one there.

2. What size cooler should I do?

3. Should I get one with wheels?

4. Oohh what color should I pick?! Oh wait it doesn’t matter…I have to paint over it anyways.

5. What designs am I going to put on it? There are just too many to choose from on Pinterest, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to look through each and every one of them…that math homework can wait.

6. Now I need primer, paint, brushes, sand paper, and sealant.

7. I’m definitely putting his flag somewhere on here.

8. He better like the designs I pick out.     

9. Should I try to free hand this or just trace it?

10. Sky’s out thighs out is always a solid choice.

11. Wow this is great, I have a few weeks to get this done so I’ll just take my time.

12. OMG it’s three days before his formal and I’m not done…

13. Ugh I can’t do this…I’m over it.

14. Can I be done now?

15. I should have just gotten a styrofoam cooler and wrote on it with a marker, “happy formal…here’s a cooler”

    16. He better be buying me drinks for all the work I put in to this thing.

17. Definitely putting an American flag on here…so frat, yet so simple.  

18. Okay, it’s go time…I have one day left and I haven’t sealed it yet.

19. Should I use one layer of modge podge, or two?

20. Ehh I’m lazy…let’s go with one layer.

21. My hands hurt and I have paint all over me. It’s his stupid cooler…why can’t he just make it!


23. Okay maybe I will…definitely still trying to go on more formals after this.

24. Thank god it’s finally done…hey this looks pretty good, who knew I could be so crafty?!

25. All I got from him was a “thanks this is cool”…oh hell no. That boy better start kissing the ground I walk on.