20 Realities of Being an Older Sister

Being an older sister is rewarding, sometimes frustrating, and really great all at the same time. Having a sister means having a lifelong best friend and an already planned maid of honor. Your sis has seen you at your ultimate best and also at your worst and she doesn’t ever judge you. You most likely had a stage in your life where you constantly argued with each other and wished you could trade her with a little brother. But, you never meant that because being a big sis is always worth it. Older sisters are the guinea-pigs, the testers, and the role models—everything’s happened to us first. All the parties, applying to colleges, breakups…we’ve experienced it way before our little sister did and she got to perfect the art of growing up and learn (hopefully) from our mistakes. These are the 20 realities of being an older sister:

1) If you ever went to school together she would probably embarrass you, or be embarrassed by you. Depends on your personalities. Older sisters watch their younger sisters like a hawk—we already know the inside scoop. You’re never fooling us, mwahaha.

2) She steals your entire closet, but growing up would deny she ever took your clothes. Or purses. Or shoes. Oh so they just all disappear and your middle school lunch just happens to be stained on them? Ha, how convenient.

3) Not much has changed these days, except now she admits to stealing your clothes and you’ll probably never see your favorite shirt again.

4) You wanted to egg his house, pin needles in his eyes, go all kung foo crazy on, kill the first boy who’s ever made her cry. Well, because we have been there and know he isn’t worth it BUT SHE IS, SOOO…bye.

5) You constantly make fun of each other and compete with each other. Out of love, of course. But she will be brutally honest with you if she thinks you look ugly one day! Gee, thanks sista you look pretty too.

6) You miss the cute little nerdy girl she used to be. Now she gets mistaken as older than you. Like, when did you grow up? Stop getting hotter than me! Just kidding, kinda.

7) You’re the ultimate duo and are really similar in the strangest ways. You throw up pics on Instgram together like mhmmmmmm, we got it from our momma.

8) She never wants to show affection for you, but she means well deep, deep inside. Little sisters think they’re like, too cool for us sometimes. We’re not that old!

9) She’s your go-to girl at family gatherings and you both have a telepathy about what you want to say about your strange 3rd cousin’s dad once removed.

10) You can’t wait for each of you to be 21 so you can party together and your age difference won’t seem like millenniums a part.

11) As big sisters its natural for us to want our younger sis to follow in our footsteps and it’s sometimes hard to realize they want a completely different life because they’re so opposite from us. That’s always okay too.

12) You've grown closer as you've gotten older, and you wouldn't trade her for the world.

13) She’s allowed to do so much more than you ever were. You were first, you got more rules. Lucky her…

14) She was dragged to all of your performances and events growing up. Serves her well.

15) But now you come to all of hers too, because you love her.

16) You literally get so protective over her. You're the person who sticks up for her whether you know she's right or wrong.

17) She knows how to really get under your skin. But the opposite is also true.

18) You were dressed in matching outfits and Halloween costumes as kids. Yeah, there's a lot of cute pics on deck.

19) You want the best for her and wish her all the happiness in the world.

20) You’ll always support her and have her back, because no matter how old you both get she’s still your little sister.