18 Thoughts While Watching Allegiant

*Warning: Spoilers Ahead


I'm just one of the many people who read all three books of the Divergent series and have been dedicating the time to go see all of the respective movies in theaters. While the first movie was spot on in relation to the title book, I was feeling cocky and very hopeful that the rest of the movie series would follow through and us readers could rub it in the faces of other fandoms that our book series-turned movie was bad*$$!

Unfortunately the second movie Insurgent took such a detour from the book I had to look at my movie ticket every five minutes or so to make sure I was watching the right movie! Apprehensive about Allegiant (and thinking there would be no Part 1/Part 2 business) a friend and I bought tickets and braved the theaters. Our reactions to the movie??


1.    Yeah!! They’re going beyond the wall! Take that Evelyn!!

2.    Wait?? Why isn’t Uriah going with the group??

3.     *Mean mugs Caleb like my life depends on it*

4.     Peter is the definition of a jackass…so why am I laughing at his jokes??

5.     Noooooo! Tori’s been shot!! We saw it coming but still...

6.     Sigh, it should be Amar meeting the group! What’s up with these fancy aircraft plane things??

7.     Offfff course we don’t see Tori’s brother either…

8.    *Realizes at this point comparing literature and motion picture is pointless*

9.     Omg it’s David!!

10.  *Becomes suspicious of David after only 2.5 seconds of screen time*


11.  *Hears words damaged and pure*Ahhh so we’re actually using book terminology

12.  No Tris don’t believe David!! Tobias is telling the truth!

13.  Wait, wait, wait, why are we still calling Tobias “Four” again??

14.  Memory Serum?? Don’t know whether to be glad or sad there’s no mention of the death serum (or suicide mission)

15.  This movie is wrapping up waaaay too nicely, and there are so many things THAT HAVEN’T HAPPENED YET!

16.  Chicago is saved! Everyone (that matters) is alive!

17.  WHAT THE HECK! DAVID IS THAT YOU?!?! Where did you pop out of???

18.  Whoa…the movie’s over??

Upon further research immediately following the movie (otherwise known as pulling up Google on my phone) my friend and I realized that Allegiant the movie was the Part 1, while Part 2 will be called Ascendant and released in 2017.

Who knows? Maybe important characters and certain scenes will make their way into the final installment…


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