15 Thoughts You Have While Looking For a Halloween Costume

Can you smell that? Ah yes, it's that time of year again! The pumpking spice lattes fill the air as all the girls dream about what halloween costumes to wear this year. After all, it is the only time of the year when it's socially acceptable to dress promiscuously. However, picking out that perfect costume to flaunt yo' stuff in is now easy feat and here's what's probably going through your head: 

1. Should I go for cute or sexy this year? 

2. Definitely sexy. 

3. I should totally do a group costume with my girls! *Immediately opens Pinterest to search cute group costumes* 

4. I need to get to a halloween store ASAP. I know it's only September but I need to have the first pick on everthing. 

5. I want to wear something original this year! I'm over being something basic. Ya know? 

6. Ooh I should be a cop! Or maybe a sexy nurse? No, I'm totally doing that sexy SWAT team outfit...it's so hot. 

7. I guess I'm being something basic again this year...oops. Sorry not sorry. 

8. I should probably hit up the gym at some point...

9. Heels or no heels? They make my legs look AMAZING but wait, who am I kiding...no heels. I can't event walk without tripping as is. 

10. I'm so over this already...can I just throw on some animal ears and call it a day? 

11. Fish nets are a must. 

12. I saa-wear if I see another Orange Is The New Black costume, I'm going to lose it. 

13. OMG these halloween costumes are way too expensive to only wear for a night...I'm just going to put together my own costume. 

14. The costume hunt is getting real. I need to turn to the one place I know that will have my back...Pinterest. 

15. Finally trying on the final costume. Yep that's it! Damn girl, that's the one. 


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