15 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Go To UCF

1. We have no school spirit whatsoever and our tailgates/football games are so boring. Our mascot is stupid and nobody even knows who Blake Bortles is. 

 2.  It’s so annoying being minutes away from the happiest place on earth and getting major discounts on all parks and attractions in the area. 

3. Our campus is just so ugly and the reflection pond is awful…especially at night. It’s totally not “Insta” worthy. 

4.  Our graduates are really unsuccessful and go nowhere after college. We have the lowest percentage of graduates in Florida who can't even get jobs. We also have absolutely no networking opportunities (and not to mention there's a nonexistent partnership with Disney World through our Rosen College of Hospitality Management campus). 

5. There is literally nowhere to live around campus…the apartments are ugly and the pools are even uglier. The pool parties that happen every weekend are so lame and the DJ’s are even worse. 

6.  We have nothing to do around campus. It’s not like we have the number one college bar or anything. It’s so annoying that being at "Library" could mean two completely opposite things. 

7. Orlando is just a horrible city. There's nothing to do…you can’t even go shopping at the biggest outlet mall or go to any amusement parks. 

8. The UCF gym is hideous and definitely not big enough for everyone to work out in. 

9. UCF has the worst places to eat around campus. Make sure to stay away from places like 4Rivers and Lazy Moon...especially if you don't like pizza the size of your body. 

10. UCF has absolutely no Greek Life or other organizations to get involved in. 

11. UCF’s annual Spirit Splash is so boring…it’s not like it’s one of the largest and most recognized university traditions anyways. 

12. We really hate our freshman and put no time and effort in to making their first steps into UCF amazing. 

13. The weather in Orlando is terrible. It's so aggravting being able to tan in January while everyone else is stuck in the snow. 

14. We don’t have any famous people that have graduated from UCF. 

15. You won’t make any friends here. Being the second largest university in the nation just isn’t big enough. 

This university is definitely not worth going to. You won’t have the best four years of your life or be successful after graduation. You can forget about making lifelong friends and memories here too…60,000 students just isn’t enough to choose from.  

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