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15 K-Pop Music Videos To Get You in the Halloween Spirit

It’s spooky season, which means now is the perfect time to put on your cozy sweaters, curl up with a pumpkin spice latte, and enjoy some K-Pop. That’s right, nothing says October like a Halloween-themed music video binge! Whether you’re a seasoned fan or new to the scene, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy. From fun costumes to creepy, classic horror concepts, these K-Pop music videos are sure to get you into the hallow-day spirit.

SHINee, “Married to the Music”

Here to kick things off for us is a classic — SHINee’s “Married to the Music!” If the upbeat, retro vibes of this song don’t have you hooked, the creepy plotline definitely will. In this music video, a mysterious bride discreetly steals body parts from the SHINee members to piece together her own perfect, Frankenstein’s-monster groom.

Dreamcatcher, “Scream”

Now this is a group that knows how to pull off a horror concept. In fact, this girl group has done so many that it was hard to pick just one song. Dreamcatcher’s “Scream” is a rock/EDM fusion track accompanied by a beautiful, other-worldly music video full of magic, curses and intrigue (not to mention the fierce choreography). The spooky vibes are absolutely immaculate!


No Halloween playlist is complete without TWICE’s hit song, “TT.” This fun, Halloween-themed music video will make you feel like a kid again with the sheer cuteness of the dance and costumes. You’ll spot familiar characters like Tinkerbell and Pinocchio, as well as a pirate and a superhero! Just watching it makes me want to dress up and go trick-or-treating.

VIXX, “Voodoo Doll”

*Trigger Warning: Blood, Gore, Abuse*

This might be the most genuinely harrowing music video I’ve ever seen. From the group that popularized BDSM wear as a fashion accessory in mainstream K-Pop, comes an intense song that follows a group of young men as they struggle to escape what you might call a “toxic” or “controlling” relationship (to say the least). This music video is not for the faint of heart, consisting of torture scenes interspersed with some pretty cool dance breaks. The good news is, there is a clean version on YouTube in case horror isn’t your thing!

Sunmi, “Full Moon”

Sunmi’s “Full Moon” is equal parts creepy and sexy. The song’s soft-pop vibes make it great for casual listening, and the music video incorporates muted, ghostly tones into the costuming and set design that are perfect for the Halloween season. Sunmi appears as an elegant vampiress dancing on the rooftops, with the glow of the full moon overhead making her look all-the-more hauntingly beautiful.

BTS, “Dope”

While this pick isn’t exactly “spooky,” the career-oriented costumes perfectly suit the holiday. From detectives to racecar drivers, the BTS members imagine themselves in a variety of professions while performing a fun, energetic song that will make you want to get up and dance. You might even get some ideas for your own quarantine costume this year!


This music video is enthralling from start to finish. From the melodious vocals to the intensity of the choreography, Dr. BeBe is unforgettable. PENTAGON is a group whose music always packs a punch. The insane asylum concept is well-executed and simply chilling, which will make it an excellent addition to your Halloween playlist.

CROSS GENE, “Black or White”

*Trigger Warning: Blood, Gore, Violence*

In the same league as “Voodoo Doll,” albeit slightly less disturbing, CROSS GENE’s “Black or White” combines music with slasher horror. In this music video, the members of CROSS GENE are hunted down and killed by their evil twins — but don’t worry, there’s a happy ending this time! They all mysteriously come back to life at the end of the song, leaving the viewer to wonder if maybe it was all a dream. Take a look and decide for yourself, if you dare.

2NE1, “It Hurts”

Here’s a real throwback! Released on Halloween of 2010, 2NE1’s “It Hurts” is a slow, soulful song about a tough breakup. The girls take on the roles of melancholic witches living in a romantically-decrepit abandoned house — giving a nod to the holiday through the inclusion of all sorts of goth and macabre-looking props and accessories.

ATEEZ, “Illusion”

To liven things up a bit, check out this cheerful pop song from ATEEZ! It might not have the autumnal aesthetics you were expecting, but what it does have is a sense of innocent Halloween fun. The music video takes place on a flying pirate ship, like something straight out of Peter Pan or Pirates of the Caribbean. ATEEZ soars through a dreamy landscape of clouds as they go on adventures and capture what I think is the true spirit of Halloween: playing pretend. And let’s face it, who hasn’t dressed up as a pirate for Halloween before?

ONEUS, “Come Back Home”

ONEUS’s “Come Back Home” is the full package — dark fantasy, monsters, vocal prowess and a melody that slaps. The dance sequences are so well done that every time I watch this music video I find myself rewinding to watch the point choreo over and over again. While the supernatural elements aren’t the blood-curdling sort, the visuals are sure to get the Halloween feels flowing.

BTOB, “Thriller”

Something about 2013 K-Pop hits different, and BTOB’s “Thriller” is no exception. The blinged-out leather fits feel nostalgic and the dim, green-gray lighting and fog effects create an eerie tone that is sustained throughout the music video. BTOB turns a graveyard into a stage, performing their routine for an audience of onlooking skeletons.

Red Velvet, “Really Bad Boy”

Red Velvet finds the perfect balance between cute and creepy with the Halloween-themed music video for “Really Bad Boy.” It’s clear they’ve got a flair for uncanny concepts, but what’s really scary about this song is the level of vocal control Red Velvet exhibits! You’re sure to fall in love with their style and skills after giving this music video a watch.

EXO, “Power”

Here we have yet another non-traditional Halloween pick! The concept and costumes in this music video revolve around the EXO members as video game or comic book characters, each with their own unique superpowers. “Power” is a peppy, electropop-style song that will awaken your inner child, and was one of a few that the group performed at the closing ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

DAY6, “Zombie”

Drawing this playlist to a close is pop-rock band DAY6! “Zombie” is a relaxing, comforting song, with a music video that follows the daily life of a zombie living an ordinary life amongst humans. The music video acts as an extended metaphor for emotional burnout, a topic that the lyrics of the song address in a poignant and incredibly relatable way.

I hope these songs were able to inject a little Halloween fun into your day. Happy haunting!

Kate Porch graduated the University of Central Florida in December 2020 with a bachelor's in creative writing and an education minor. She spends her free time collecting hobbies, and her most notable personality traits are crying over Studio Ghibli movies and buying more books than she has time to read. Kate loves traveling, learning new languages, and pretending to be a mermaid in the local Florida springs.
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