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15 David Dobrik Videos That Will Make You Fall in Love With Him

If you don’t know Internet sensation David Dobrik, then you are truly missing out on one of the funniest, sweetest and most charming human beings on Earth.

David Dobrik and his friends, coined “The Vlog Squad,” adventure around the Los Angeles area (or back in his Chicago hometown) offering surprises to each other and strangers with crazy science experiments, chaotic comedic bits, and celebrity cameos. 

The 23-year-old former Viner has not only gained a following on TikTok and Instagram, found success in the podcast world for his podcast VIEWS, and started a merchandise empire, but David also has over 18.4 million subscribers on YouTube (2020), which is where I know him best.

I could go on and on about how David Dobrik is easily the most lovable person, but I’ll let his fast-paced, 4 minute and 20-second vlogs do most of the talking. Here are 15 reasons you’ll fall in love with him, too!

His Childhood Love for Nickelodeon

Growing up watching Nickelodeon, it’s a small world that David ended up becoming friends with Nickelodeon star, Josh Peck, who played in Drake and Josh (co-starring with Drake Bell as his step-brother, and evil little step-sister, Megan, better known as Miranda Cosgrove).

Using the power of his blue checkmark on Instagram, David was able to reunite Josh and Megan. Even amidst a childhood idol, David is able to maintain the perfect blend of normal and starstruck.

His Humbleness

Planning a surprise birthday party for his best friend Zane, David gets a mariachi band, a party bus, and the ultimate surprise: Kendall Jenner. Despite all of the crazy party antics, including a mechanical bull, a flamethrower, and guest appearances from Kendall, AJR and Howie Mendell, David titles his vlog “SURPRISING BEST FRIEND WITH DREAM BIRTHDAY!!” 

How Clever He Is

In 2018, YouTube’s Rewind tanked and was awarded the most-disliked video on YouTube with over 18 million dislikes (2020). David annually posts a montage of his year of crazy antics, but taking this trend into consideration, he titled it “DAVID DOBRIK YOUTUBE REWIND!!”

With Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” as the intro to the pandemonium of Vlog Squad antics, Carolina Liar’s “Show Me What I’m Looking For” for those heart-tugging moments, and ending with a countdown to the Happy New Year, David’s rewinds will have you laughing, screaming and crying all at once.

His Love for Reactions

David Dobrik’s drive for all of his insane bits is for one thing and one thing only: reactions. It’s why he loves surprises and why he loves surprising people with the world’s favorite celebrity, the youngest self-made billionaire: Kylie Jenner. Even though Kylie is the main part of the vlog, David still stays true to his brand by including multiple bits as an introduction to Kylie. In doing so, if someone is bored with one scene, by the next bit they’ll be laughing.

His Friends, The Vlog Squad

Whether it’s ex-criminal Jeff Wittek; Carly & Erin, the dynamic duo so close that people think they’re lesbians; the drunk, always-falling Zane Hijazi; the 47-year-old Jason Nash; or David’s childhood best friend and overworked assistant, Natalie, the Vlog Squad has a character for everybody. Just as loveable as David, each member brings the same individuality and authenticity that will have you holding your stomach with each joke they make. 

His Commitment to a Joke

If there’s one video you need to watch, it’s this one.

As Josh Peck said best, “David, I’ve never met anyone like you.”

When Jason, who is 47-years-old, tells David that no one will ever marry him, David takes the phrase “revenge is sweet” to the next level. He flies to Boston, proposes to Jason’s mom, Lorraine Nash, at 75 years old, and legally gets married to her in Las Vegas, following it with a honeymoon in Hawaii.

If that’s not dedication, then I don’t know what is.

His Love for Giving Away Cars

David is known for doing sponsorships to surprise his friends with cars. However, this one pulls at the heartstrings a little more than usual. He gives his friend, Heath Hussar — who has supported David since the beginning of his social media career — his dream car: a Lamborghini Huracon.

His Love for College Kids

Although he dropped out of college, David is still in love with the idea of college and holds great admiration for those pursuing their dreams. In this video, David combines his love for games and giving away free stuff by spending over $100K on MacBooks and rigging a coin toss game that allows every college kid to win.

His Desire to Just Have Fun

With 639 vlogs, David’s truly done it all — whether it’s chasing people with a flamethrower, placing tarantulas on top of his blindfolded friends, or giving away insane amounts of cash. Who would have thought that something as timeless as Mentos and Coca-Cola could be the perfect comedic ending to a vlog? 

His Crazy Adventures

Once again, David’s commitment is not a joking matter. In order to take his best friend Ilya on vacation with him to Miami, David makes a deal that if he can personally find Ilya in Chicago, he has to come. To execute? David has his other friends put misleading posts on social media and hires a private investigator to find Ilya. Ending with a crazy montage on a private plane, David and his friends party until arriving at their destination, where they are welcomed with three sports cars, a private yacht, and a helicopter ride of their lives.

His Love For Kids

Social media influencers get a bad reputation for getting rich by “not doing anything.” In this video, a seemingly easy brand deal with Bumble awards David with lots of cash, which he gives away to local vendors and strangers, and uses to donate free iPads to a local Boys & Girls Club. Despite David’s seemingly unlimited wealth, his hard work and generosity makes it more than well-deserved.

His Role In Mainstream Media

David Dobrik is well-known on the Internet, but as his career has grown, he’s been slowly integrating mainstream media opportunities into his work. This includes being one of four hosts of Nickelodeon’s America’s Most Musical Family, shown in this video.

A YouTuber’s career has everything to do with their audience, and David, despite pursuing other endeavors, has still maintained true to his brand with cash giveaways, scripted comedic bits, and surprising his friends with social media stars like Ms. Juicy Baby.

David has also co-hosted the 2019 Teen Choice Awards with Lucy Hale, voice acted for The Angry Birds Movie 2, and is co-hosting Discovery’s Dodgeball Thunderdome in 2020.

His Enjoyment of Science Experiements

With Nick the Scientist and in perfect David Dobrik fashion, David even takes science to the next level. The classic elementary school science experiment “elephant toothpaste” is tripled, exploding and spilling over his 2,887 sq. foot house’s backyard.

How He Knows Everybody

“How’d you know [Justin Bieber] was behind you?”

“Because you’re f*cking David Dobrik, and it’s a f*cking video.”

It’s a bit staggering to think about the amount of A-List celebrities that David Dobrik knows on a personal level who just casually make guest appearances in his vlogs. It’s not even surprising anymore who he brings on, including Justin Bieber, but nonetheless, it’s always entertaining to watch other people’s reactions.

The Fact That People Wonder Why He Got Voted ‘Sexiest Heartthrob’

In 2019, David Dobrik won People’s Sexiest Heartthrob over Harry Styles and Shawn Mendes, which may come as a shock to the general public. But, if you’re a fan of David, you’ll know that his genuine desire to have fun is what makes him the sexiest.

But if you need actual proof, David’s chemistry with Charlotte D’Alessio in a beautifully shot advertisement for his new fragrance line “David’s Perfume – by David Dobrik” is undeniable, and it shows what “Sexiest Heartthrob” really means.

If you’ve watched any (or all) of these videos and are now hooked onto the David Dobrik bandwagon and want to watch new vlogs, unfortunately, you’re out of luck.

David originally posted this type of content three times a week. Eventually, as more opportunities had arisen for David Dobrik LLC, he then only posted twice a week, and then once a week at the beginning of 2020. However, when COVID-19 hit, social distancing measures halted the vlogs.

Despite this, David has still been keeping busy. Maybe he was playing a little too much Call of Duty (COD) at the beginning, but David is back at work. He’s been co-hosting Discovery’s Dodgeball Thunderdome, streaming on Twitch, completing social media brand deals, dropping new merch, releasing a fragrance line, and most recently, raising $4 million for Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian, for investing in his disposable camera app.

We are unsure when David’s Vlogs will return, but until then, you can find David Dobrik on his Instagram account @daviddobrik, and on his weekly podcast, VIEWS.

Anna Tam is a third-year psychology major at the University of Central Florida with a pending minor due to her abundance of eclectic interests. She is originally from the Champa Bay area with future aspirations in teaching abroad, sex psychology, and higher education. When she is not marveling over movies and TV shows, you can find her exploring, working out, or having an existential crisis.
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