14 Times NickToons Prepared us For Real Life

Ah, NickToons: They have been an integral and cherished part of our childhood. From Rugrats and The Wild Thornberrys, to Spongebob Squarepants and Avatar: The Last Airbender, NickToons are only a few of the cartoons that would unite 90's babies everywhere. The older ones are difficult to find, but some of the more recent ones can be found here. Many jokes harboring adult themes have been noticed in recent years, but not many people stop and think of how many times these cartoons also taught us lessons we would need for this stage in our life and beyond. Collegiettes, this could be the perfect excuse to binge watch all of your old favorite Nick Toons.

1. That time Chuckie Finster told us how he felt about life.

Chuckie was a toddler and experiencing what I live on a daily basis. It's kind of sad to see him say this at such an early age, because life truly is the hardest thing there is.


2. That time when Gerald gave us all existential, philosophy vibes.

It was simultaneously awkward and cool. Job well done, Gerald.


3. Any time Debbie Thornberry did what made her happy.

Debbie Thornberry: Original hipster with no time for what society wanted. She sat inside blasting heavy metal and said things like this:


4. That time Stu Pickles was basically a college student mid-semester.

I honestly had no idea how much this meme would come to describe my life until recently.


5. When Charlotte Pickles knew exactly how to raise Angelica.

This will probably be me as a mom. Charlotte knew what it took to succeed in any aspect as a female and was more than ready to get Angelica prepared. I absolutely love it.


6. Let's not forget when Angelica figured out what "responsibilities" meant.

Kind of a reach, but still pretty accurate since this whole "being responsible" thing never goes away.


7. Anything Uncle Iroh has ever said...

The writers at Nick Toons should have written a motivational book of just Uncle Iroh quotes. The man was pretty much a spew of advice for three seasons. His quotes could probably get me through the rest of the semester.


8. When Tommy told everyone to just focus on the present.

Because the future is just stressful enough to think about, let alone, know. Ask any college student anywhere.


9. When that one kid in Jimmy Neutron’s school refused to match his clothes.

But it's totally fine, because who has time for fashion rules? Who ever said we had to match? This is college, it's bad enough we have to argue that leggings are pants (which, they are.)


10. Anything the ancient Hawaiians would say, according to Tito from Rocket Power.

I propose this be the sequel to Uncle Iroh’s motivational book. One of these quotes may end up on my graduation cap one day.


11. That time Otto Rocket had his priorities in order.

Because sometimes adulting just has to get done, with no excuses. Even if you're only, like, 11 years old...


12.   Basically all of As Told By Ginger.

The final book in the Nick Toons epic, motivational trilogy. Someone should seriously contact Nickelodeon about this.


13. When Jimmy’s dad gave impromptu grammar lessons.

Some social media users still need this, to be honest.


14.   That time Death was in the Fairly OddParents, talking about student debt and bills.

We’re all looking at you, college!


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