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12 Fun Date Ideas For Single People During Cuffing Season

You know what time of the year it is! Couple season!  

As we start to progress into mid October, Florida begins to cool off ever so slightly, making for the perfect temperature to enjoy all our beautiful state has to offer. By combining the perfect weather with all of the cute fall activities, it’s no wonder the fall and winter seasons are referred to as “cuffing” season. According to Urban Dictionary, cuffing season is when single people “find themselves desiring to be ‘cuffed,’ or tied down by a serious relationship.”  It’s such a beautiful and romantic time, but not according to everyone.

If you are happily single, then this time of year can be dreadfully scary, but don’t fret! As an experienced singular person in the most romantic season of the year, I’ve come up with a few date ideas for you and your besties.  So grab a buddy because it’s cuffing season.

  1. Movies! First on the list is a classic you cannot go wrong with.  Movies are a hallmark of Fall activities. While it gets cooler outside, you are handed an excuse to curl up with some pizza and your best cuddle buddy/ BFF and watch movies until your heart’s content.  Going to the movie theater is great as well, but WARNING: you may encounter cute couples on dates.

  2. Go to a park. In Florida, there is not much of a change from summer to fall except it goes from blistering hot to less blistering hot, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the outdoors while you have the chance.  Grab your roommate and head to the park! Fall is the perfect time to become a little more outdoorsy than you have been during the scorchingly hot months of summer.

  3. Pumpkin Patch Photo Shoot. One of my personal favorites because it crosses off having fun with your best friends and proof that you have fun with your best friends, going to a pumpkin patch and taking pictures while you pick out a pumpkin is the perfect seasonal activity. While all your Instagram feed is taken up by cute photos of couples, you can post your cute pumpkin photos, as well.

  4. Carving pumpkins. After taking your lovely pumpkin photos, it is time to put your hair up and get your hands dirty by carving the pumpkins. There must be something about getting your clothes, patio and hands covered in pumpkin guts with your best friends that is so cleansing for the soul. Trust me.

  5. Tailgating! Tailgating is another great fall activity, especially if you like football. However, you know what else likes football? Men.  So, to avoid getting cuffed, try to surround yourself with a strong barrier of friends and you should be fine.

  6. Beach with your besties. Yeah! Just because it’s fall and the rest of the country is getting cold, in Florida it’s just getting to that perfect temperature at which, if you go to the beach, you don’t feel like your skin is burning off.  Bring food and friends, and take advantage of what Florida has to offer.

  7. Pumpkin spice lattes for days. Embrace your basic girl form.  Treat yourself with pumpkin spice everything! Pumpkin coffee! Pumpkin candles! Everything pumpkin!

  8. Winter Shopping Spree. Speaking of treat yourself, go ahead, save up and go with your best hype woman to the mall.  Buy a new sweater.  Get a new scarf.  Fully embrace the fall season, even if you know you won’t be able to wear them for more than two months out of the year.

  9. Halloween group costumes. Halloween is notorious for couples costumes, however, just because you are single as a Pringle does not mean you can’t capitalize on that.  Do some brainstorming with your best friend and come up with a couples costume that will blow all the actual couples away.

  10. Hockey games! It’s hockey season and what better way to spend the Fall and Winter than faking like it’s actually cold outside by going to indoor hockey games? Even if you don’t watch the actual game, the atmosphere will get you in the Fall mood.

  11. Ice skating! Speaking of faking like it’s actually cold outside, go ice skating with your friends.  You can dress up in your cutest sweater and leg warmers and go have a blast trying to skate with a bunch of your best friends. Again, WARNING: you may encounter cute couples holding hands and skating, so beware.

  12. Friendsgiving! Everyone knows about Thanksgiving, but what about Friendsgiving? You and your closest friends gather around a table, eat until you can no longer button your pants, and give thanks for your great company.

This is just a little list of all the possible date ideas you could wish for to survive this cuffing season. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.


Jess is in her third year at UCF. She is an Advertising and Public Relations major who absolutely loves to write. Jess also tutors on campus at the Writing Center. When she is not writing, working or studying, you can find Jess at the pool, since she loves to swim and play water polo. Jess is super energetic and friendly, so if you see her on campus be sure to say hi! Go Knights!
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