11 Best Moments from Stranger Things 2


October 27th was the best Friday that I have had in a while. I woke up early, and not because I had to be somewhere, but because the second season of Stranger Things premiered on Netflix. I scarfed down my breakfast and snuggled up in my bed to watch the first episode. Of course, that didn’t stop there. I watched the next episode, and then the next. I was done with the season in two days, and that’s only because I had to go to work in between.

            Nonetheless, after watching the second season I have assembled 11 (get it? Like the character Eleven) of the best moments from Stranger Things 2. Hope you enjoy them!

1) Steve Harrington

                -His entire character development from the first season to now, is incredible. I must admit, I did not like Steve Harrington at all but after watching him change I find myself looking at Buzzfeed articles that praise his character. Although Steve embodies the cliché of bad guy turns good, he does it for his own sake, not for Nancy or any outside pressure. #TeamSteve

2) The relationship between Eleven and Hooper

            -Ah! My heart. I had already fallen in love with Hooper’s character in the first season but now, I admire the way he cares for Eleven. Even if that means giving her tough love. When I found out that he had been hiding Eleven from everybody, I was confused and upset but when taking a step back, I realized that he was protecting her. Hooper knew that if he let Eleven be seen in Hawkins, everyone would treat her like an experiment. And that conversation they have before closing the gate to the Upside Down? Tears were about to roll down my cheeks, but I kept them in.

3) When Jonathan and Nancy reveal the truth about Hawkins Lab to the press

            -YAAAS. The resilience of Nancy’s character mixed with Jonathan determination, equals one power couple. Although they knew the consequences of telling the truth about Hawkins Lab, they both wanted justice for what happened to people. Especially Barb.

4) When Eleven leaves Hooper and finds Kali, a girl who has abilities just like her.

            -That opening scene though. I was confused but I trust the Duffer Brothers, and their awesome-ness, so I waited for the explanation. Of course, I rejoiced when Eleven finally found a piece of her past, and someone she can relate to because they share abilities. Kali can make people see whatever she wants them to see, which is freaking amazing. Combined with Eleven’s telekinesis, they formed a bond that made me want her to stay with Kali. Although Eleven eventually leaves, I loved their shared moments and I hope that their story line continues in the third season.

5) When Max stands up to Billy

            -Mad Max is magnificent, but her step-brother Billy is a complete jerk. And a few other names but I won’t say them. Anyway, the scene where Max stands up to Billy was one of my favorites because it showed that she grows to not take anyone’s bull. Billy, on the other hand, got knocked out by a girl. Max didn’t punch hum, but she did inject him with a sedative. Ah, the girl power shown in Mad Max.

            Side note: The actor that plays Billy is a beautiful man, which made me conflicted on if I should like his character or not. Ultimately, I decided that Billy’s character is too much of a jerk to like.

6) Every single scene with Dustin

            -DUSTIN! I LOVE YOU! These are the words that I would say whenever Dustin said anything, or did anything. His character adds comic relief which is something that the show needs for audiences to take a breath from. I absolutely admire the friendship he has with Mike, Lucas, and Will which leads him to do pretty much anything for them. And who doesn’t love his iconic line “Like these pearls? Purrrhhh.”

7) Realizing that the monster is inside of Will

            -Woah. That scene when the monster possesses Will was the second twisted thing I have seen, besides The Conjuring. I knew that the monster had a piece of itself inside of Will, but I did not see a full possession coming. I was also thoroughly creeped out when Will told Joyce, “He likes it cold”. The Duffer Brothers did a good job at making the monster take over Will, but not in a way that mirrors possessions that we see in religious scary movies. Tastefully done.

8) Joyce Byers

            -Again, Joyce Byers is a bad-ass woman. And a loving mother to both Will and Jonathan. Plus, she is more intelligent than all the men and women in Hawkins Lab. That scene where she draws the monster that she finds on the video tape? Genius! Of course, I also loved the determination in saving Will when she realizes that if the monster continues to possess his body, Will would die. Winona Ryder deserves all the Emmys!

9) Bob’s sacrifice

            -Justice for Barb in the first season, but now it’s justice for Bob in the second season. Although his character was completely “bad dad jokes” material, he was a good-hearted guy who just wanted a family. His sacrifice was heart breaking but I knew that if he didn’t do it, then everyone would’ve died in Hawkins Lab. I had so much hope for him and Joyce, but now that’s out of the window.

10) When Eleven realizes the Hawkins is home

            -Cue the tears! After leaving Kali, Eleven embarks on the journey back to Hawkins. I, on the other hand, was ready for her to reunite with Mike (who was emo this entire season, which I thrived on) and make amends with Hooper. This moment from Eleven was beautiful and emotional, and my heart couldn’t take much of it any longer. I forced myself to save my tears for when she sees Mike again.

11) Mike and Eleven’s reunion

            -FINALLY! THE MOMENT WE HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR! The scene when she walks into Will’s home, and Mike moves behind Hooper and sees Eleven, made me believe in love again. This whole season has taunted me on their reunion and when it happened, there were no words. And that last scene of the Snow Ball dance? Sweet Jesus, the Duffer Brothers know how to pull at heart strings. I cannot wait for the third season to see where their relationship goes.